2013 Topps Archives Football Leads off the New Season

Topps has something going for them that not many other companies can claim. HISTORY. With history comes the opportunity to capitalize on the iconic status that it is associated with. With 2013 Topps Archives Football, we have the first opportunity in a decade to see this in action, and from what we are seeing so far, its pretty incredible.

2013 Topps Archives Andrew Luck Framed Mini Auto

2013 Topps Archives Robert Griffin III Framed Mini Auto

2013 Topps Archives Matt Barkley Auto

2013 Topps Archives Christian Okoye On Card Auto

2013 Topps Archives Vince Papale Retro Auto

I think Archives comes at a weird point for both Topps and the collectors, as the 2013 class hasnt quite been transitioned in, and the 2012 class is still a major focus for many people. As a result, this product is one of the first that has a relative dual rookie class in football, and for the most part it works very well. Some of the cards turned out to be a complete and utter train wreck, but others are absolutely awesome.

In my prior recaps, I talked about how the fan favorite autograph set may be the first on card autographs for many of the subjects, some of them NEVER have had an autograph at all. Although there arent many if any that touch the level of greatness we saw in previous versions of Archives, I dont think that was the driver of this product. These on card autos are awesome looking, and for team and player collectors, this is the best of the best.

Additionally, the addition of content from the 2013 rookie class is a nice touch, even though the product is released too early to have the cards live and licensed. This product stands alone without the new class, but its going to be interesting how much these cards can end up selling for.

My favorite cards in the product are either the 1985 throwbacks with the new players, or the framed signed minis of the 2012 rookie class, and its not even close. The cards look stunning, which only speaks to the iconic stature many of the designs encompass.

Overall, I dont see this product being the juggernaut it was in 2012 for baseball, but this is a welcome addition to the calendar for set collectors and lower end breakers alike. Its not going to turn heads with the content it has, but it should remind everyone how impactful a feeling nostalgia can be in this hobby.

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