2013 Topps Chrome Aims To Build On Past Success in Light of Big Rookies

Every year, I have two favorite sets that never disappoint. One of them is Topps Five Star, which I usually have to wait until April and May to enjoy. The other is Topps Chrome, which has been a favorite of mine since I started collecting. I have always gravitated to the way the cards look, especially with the refractors and autographs that have made it the chase set of the year at less than 100 bucks a box. This year, a few things have changed, but overall it looks like Chrome can be a winner even without a strong class.

After seeing the previews, im hoping it can live up to my favorites from last year:

2012 Topps Chrome Andrew Luck 1984 Auto On Card /15

2012 Topps Chrome Robert Griffin III Auto Red Refractor /5

2012 Topps Chrome Trent Richardson Black Refractor Auto /25

The biggest thing that caught my eye is the addition of veteran autographs on the base design. Well, let me say it COULD be veteran autographs on the base design. Leftover RGIII stickers or stickers from the 2012 class isnt as exciting as guys like Aaron Rodgers or Adrian Peterson having autographs in the product, but we havent seen enough of a checklist to see the extent to which they will be included. There have been autographs from non-rookies in Chrome before, but never on the base design. The checklist of veterans is usually confined to an insert set, and I have been begging for close to three years for that to change. If the previews for Topps Football and the Roddy White they showed is any indication, there hopefully will be a good amount of these.

Looks like we are also going to be getting adjusted pictures on the 1986 autos, which will be same day shots from the premiere in Topps Football, and game shots in Chrome if everything holds true. This should be a pretty awesome continuity program over the sets if Topps decides to continue using it – something I DEFINITELY hope they do.

Lastly, there have been rookie die cut cards used pretty extensively over the course of many products, including Chrome last year, and looks like they will be back again. They look pretty cool and look to have on card autographs for the first time. That is a welcome change over the stickers from last year.

For the last two years running Chrome has produced extremely high end cards for a very small price in the box. The Chrome Superfractor autos have become the highest valued chase cards of the entire season, and that only speaks further to this product’s capabilities in the market. This will be one of the first products after the start of the NFL season, and that always plays well to how it performers. Last year’s set is over 200% more valuable than its original price, as is 2011, and this year should be similar if the class performs on the field. Either way, the cards look awesome.

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