2013 Topps Chrome Superfractors Already Living Up To Their Reputation

Topps Chrome has been on the market for a few days now, and already, the big hits are garnering more attention than they have all year. One would expect that the Superfractors would be a crown jewel for any player collector, but with a weak class in play, its odd to see some of them sell for as much as they are. Although we have yet to see some of the true big rookies pulled, the lesser names are achieving prices I have not seen before.

Here are the actives:

2013 Topps Chrome Robert Woods Non-Auto Superfractor 1/1

2013 Topps Chrome Tyrann Mathieu Auto Superfractor 1/1

2013 Topps Chrome Chris Harper Auto Superfractor 1/1

2013 Topps Chrome Kenjon Barner Auto Superfractor 1/1

Here are the completed:

2013 Topps Chrome Cordarrelle Patterson Auto Superfractor 1/1

2013 Topps Chrome Ezekiel Ansah Auto Superfractor 1/1

2013 Topps Chrome Tyler Eiffert Auto Superfractor 1/1

I have said on numerous occasions that these cards will be the most expensive of the year, and so far, they havent let me down. We already saw big numbers achieved for superfractors in the other brands, as many player collectors arent spending money anywhere else. Usually, sets like Finest and the like will have some cards that will end above expectations, but the Supers have far exceeded anyone’s understanding of value for this rookie class.

After seeing some of the first sales for Chrome, the prices in Finest arent going to touch anything close to what we will see. Although rookies like Geno Smith and others have come down off the high, other guys like Eddie Lacy and EJ Manuel should really see big pricing bumps after better performances in recent games. Going even deeper into things, players like Tyrann Mathieu and Barkevious Mingo will likely go without on card autos for the rest of the year, making their high end Chrome signatures that much more of a chase. Players like Zac Stacy, Ace Sanders (non auto already pulled) and Kiko Alonso dont have autos, but havent had many high end cards for collectors to buy, their stuff will sell too.

Chrome encompasses all runs of collectors out there, and its always awesome to see how many people put extreme value on cards that come from a box that has an MSRP below 70 dollars. It should give a lesson on how things should be done, and it goes without saying that I support these sales more than ever.