2013 Topps Finest: Superfractors Selling Huge Despite Questions on RC Class Quality

I have said on numerous occasions that the current rookie class is going to be a test of patience. Aside from the lack of true superstars in the bunch, its likely that there will be a lack of productive players on offense as well. On the other hand, it looks like there are people who believe in the players, as we are seeing some VERY nice prices on the high end cards that are already on the market.

Much to my surprise, there are collectors who are willing to pay an absolute ton of money for the Superfractors out of 2013 Finest. Though I understand that these are the first superfractors of the year, its still shocking to see what people believe these cards are worth paying.

2013 Finest EJ Manuel Jumbo Patch Auto Logo Superfractor 1/1

2013 Finest Geno Smith Jumbo Patch Auto Logo Superfractor 1/1

2013 Finest Landry Jones Jumbo Patch Auto Logo Superfractor 1/1 – I am FLOORED by this price. This guy will NEVER play.

2013 Finest Tavon Austin Base RC Superfractor 1/1

I have to give Topps a lot of credit in getting top patch quality for their set this year, because it looks to be a driver in the value of the set. I also think this is one of the strongest designs we have ever seen in Topps Finest, the whole set looks awesome. Additionally, we know that when overall value of a rookie class drops, the player and team collectors take over, which can also be a good indicator of why these cards have been selling like they are.

Then there is the realization that Superfractors are Superfractors, and regardless of who is on them, they will be valuable for their rarity and place in history. The cards have an aura about them, no doubt about it, even to the point where collectors are making their own to have one in their collection. Topps has really made a business out of the 1/1, which isnt necessarily a bad thing for anyone. I used to think that flooding the market with these cards is a horrible idea, but I am proven wrong each and every year.

Believe it or not, there is always a diamond in the rough for each class. Every single year. Someone will break out, and that player will be on packaging come the end of the year. Last year it was a number of players that took us all by surprise, including Alfred Morris who wasnt at the premiere. This year, we just have to hope that the player who breaks out doesnt wait until week 8 to impact the game. Otherwise, we will have to hope that these types of sales wont be reserved for just Superfractors. Then again, when you see this price for a player that will never be on the field, maybe its a good thing the prices dont transfer.

2 thoughts on “2013 Topps Finest: Superfractors Selling Huge Despite Questions on RC Class Quality

  1. The guy that is winning and bidding them up won most of them last year(in fact I think he won every luck super listed last year of any kind). He just won the wheaton. However i have noticed him winning many many more as well. He has private feedback and was the 2nd high bidder on that landry. I have both Leveon bells super auto patches and a Jarvis jones that I am thinking about selling just for him lol..

  2. I don’t get it. I really don’t. I’m a die hard Steelers fan. I collect everything about my team. But there absolutely NO fricking way I am spending ANYTHING like that for a Landry Jones! The only reason he made the roster was the fact he’s younger and cheaper than Parker-Wilson as. He was absolutely horrible during the pre-season. I was quite surprised when they drafted him. He IS a perfect example of this draft class, though. Doesn’t show a lot of promise, but you had to draft somebody…

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