2013 Topps Football – Autos and Bigger Cards Starting to Hit

When it comes to the main focus of any Topps flagship products in Football, there is a clear dichotomy between the two main schools of collecting. There is the set collectors and loyal people who buy because they always have, and the big hit collectors who look to Topps Flaship for content that always brings top dollar on the secondary market.

Some of these bigger hit cards have started to show up, and for the majority of them, look tremendous.

2013 Topps Geno Smith Rookie Premiere Auto

2013 Topps Cordarrelle Patterson / Justin Hunter Dual Rookie Premiere Auto

2013 Topps Le’veon Bell Rookie Premiere Auto

2013 Topps Montee Ball 1986 Throwback Auto

2013 Topps Alfred Morris Auto Jersey /50

I dont usually support cards that feature players in a non-action situation, but the rookie premiere autos have always resonated with me because they were usually the first on card autos for players in any rookie class. They are regularly well conceived and designed, and the pictures never mattered as much as they do later in the season. This year’s rookie premiere autos are nicely done, as always, and I think that Topps has started to shift their focus in this direction more exclusively.

Since 2011, Topps has also included base autograph variations in their flagship brand, and I was extremely happy it was decided to go in that direction. They are back again for the rookies, this time it seems in more supply than in previous years. Adding veterans to the mix this year is a GREAT move, and I hope that Chrome picks up where this leaves off. These are some of my favorite cards of the year, and I wish more people would latch on to their presence in sets like this.

The rookie patches, which are one per box again this year, look better than ever in a horizontal orientation, and the white background continues to be a go to for aesthetic presentation. I think that with Finest coming out before flagship this year, it takes some of the thunder away from these cards, but I dont think that it has reduced the cool factor on the way they look. The dots on the card are a bit overstated, but I think the overall presentation is still very nice compared to previous years.

Overall, I have a distinct feeling that this year’s Topps will impress despite the diluted rookie class, and as things pop up, ill have further coverage for you right here.

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