2013 Topps Football Retail is Live!

Every single year, I love seeing the way the base set looks for football. Not only does it drive the individual sets associated with it, like Chrome, but it also sets a tone for the year that is unlike any other. This year is an unusual situation, as we are seeing that there is more in what ISNT in the sets than what is. I know I have been saying ad nauseum that the class is terrible, but its a main factor in all of our discussions about each product.

2013 Topps Eddy Lacy Base RC

2013 Topps Geno Smith Base RC

2013 Topps Colin Kaepernick Commemorative Patch Card

2013 Topps Eli Manning Commemorative Patch Card

2013 Topps Manti Te’o Base RC

2013 Topps Tavon Austin Future Legends Insert

As I said when it was previewed, I love the base design this year, as I think it serves a good functional and aesthetic purpose. It works well with autographs, and it also looks sleek and simple in the way the players are represented. I think that some of the insert sets that have popped up leave a lot to be desired, but the main focus of the product is very well done so far. We will see how many of the cards fail to meet my standards, though. At least we see some of the better non-hit ideas from previous years are back again, as the coin cards continue to be a nice addition.

We still have yet to see any autographs or any big hits, as expected. I think that the success of the product hinges as much on their presentation as the stuff we have seen so far, so I will reserve my review on those as we see them. So far, things are looking great, including a big improvement on photography and picture choice, as well as some of the other minor things that can easily ruin a set.

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