2013 Topps Magic is Live!

Back in 2009 when Topps Magic was first released, I was not a fan. College jerseys and an odd approach didn’t sit well with me. When the product came back in 2010 with pro uniforms, I think things improved significantly. Now that we are seeing 2013 Topps Magic for the first time, I have to say that the product hasn’t exactly wowed me.

Here are some of the 2013 Cards:

2013 Topps Magic Adrian Peterson Black Auto 5/5

2013 Topps Magic Montee Ball Red Auto 1/1

2013 Topps Magic Joe Flacco Black Auto 3/5

2013 Topps Magic Marshawn Lynch Auto Base SP

2013 Topps Magic Geno Smith Auto Base SP

To be completely honest, Magic has been a place for Topps to dump their extra stickers from the warehouse over the years, and I haven’t always had a good reaction to how it eventually comes out. 2010 was definitely my favorite of the run, but since that time, I really haven’t bought a single card. Im also REALLY disappointed that the chrome parallel autographs are gone, as they were a great add for a product like this.

My biggest issue with Magic has always been the big box around the autographs. I don’t really think they are necessary and it creates a complete eyesore of a card. At least this year, they didn’t block out anything behind the sticker, so it’s only a defined line. I love the painted filter that is put on the cards, and I would love to see how it would look with on card autographs. Instead we are left to wonder what could have been.

As for a lot of the multi-signed autographs, Topps used their typical approach of stacking the players, and I really continue to despise the look of these cards. In every circumstance, its clear the companies struggle trying to fit multiple stickers on one card – let alone six to eight. Because I am not a fan of multi signed cards in most cases to begin with, I wish they would reserve them for situations where it can be on card. Five Star has MASTERED this situation, and continues to make these other cards look awful. The dual autographs aren’t bad, but when you get past those, it can get ugly.

I completely understand that Magic isn’t exactly the product that Topps would submit for any awards, but it definitely has some potential. Upper Deck produced 2009 Philadelphia with all on card autos, and it was completely awesome. I could only wish something like that would transfer over to a product like this.

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