2013 Topps Parallels Kicking Ass and Taking Names!

Can you tell that baseball is in the air?

The first set of 2013 was released a few weeks ago to enormous amounts of hype. Both Topps and collectors alike have always celebrated the first set of the year, and for now, the base cards arent having the same focus that the parallels are having! In a phenomenon that usually reserved for basketball, series one parallels are absolutely on fire – especially the pink and camo bordered base cards.

Check out these ridiculous prices:

2013 Topps Derek Jeter Pink Bordered Base /50

2013 Topps Dylan Bundy Pink Bordered Base /50

2013 Topps Bryce Harper Pink Bordered Base /50

2013 Topps Jurickson Profar Black Border Base /62

2013 Topps Mike Trout Camo Bordered Base /99

2013 Topps Shelby Miller Camo Bordered Base /99

I have never been a true “collector” in the sense that I go out and buy sets of the different releases of the year, but this is something above and beyond even my understanding. True that Topps collectors in baseball are ravenous to say the least, but I havent seen this level of interest in higher numbered parallels before. What is even more crazy is that non-rookie players are still selling for insane money too.

In both baseball and football, more parallels were offered this year than any other year, and from what is being shown currently – it was a great idea to make this adjustment. I absolutely loved the addition of camo bordered cards in football, designed to commemorate the NFL’s Salute the Troops month. I just think camo looks cool on cards. For Baseball, Topps went with the desert camo design, which is more modern for today’s troops, and collectors are eating it up.

Topps will forever trigger nostalgic responses in collectors, and though the base set has progressed to be a mixture of both high end and set building, it still remains fun to open those packs each year. After all, we arent too far away from the beginning of the season!

2 thoughts on “2013 Topps Parallels Kicking Ass and Taking Names!

  1. I am really glad to see paralells picking up steam on the secondary market in all sports. Collectors getting excited about something other than autos and patch cards is good for the hobby.

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