2013 Topps Platinum Football is LIVE!

In the last few years, Topps Platinum has gone from a brand I thought was a complete joke to a brand that is quickly becoming one of the best looking early year products there is. Although there has been issues in box content since 2011, when you pull a nice card out of Platinum, its going to be worth the wait.

Here are some of the goods so far:

2013 Topps Platinum EJ Manuel On Card Auto Blue Refractor /25

2013 Topps Platinum Eddie Lacy On Card Auto Refractor /99

2013 Topps Platinum Marcus Lattimore Rookie Auto Patch

2013 Topps Platinum Geno Smith Frost Auto Patch /50

2013 Topps Platinum Mike Glennon Logo Patch Refractor Auto Patch /10

My favorite cards of the product so far are the box hit rookie patch autos, which have REALLY taken a step forward over last year's monotone and simple approach. The swooping lines and swatch window make the card look high end, and though its a sticker auto, there isnt much to complain about the way it is designed. I have a HUGE complaint about the numbering on the base auto patches, as we see they are cracking 1000 on the low tier guys again. I remember long, drawn out twitter conversations with Topps and other collectors, and the consensus was that numbering shouldnt happen if its THAT many. Even Topps was saying that it was sort of a mistake last year, but its back for some stupid reason.

Like the rookie auto patch cards, the veteran auto patches are similarly impressive, albeit with a smaller swatch than the rookies. Regardless of swatch size, these cards just look awesome to me. From the checklist, we see that Luck, RGIII and other big name second year guys are on there, which will lessen the blow of the weaker rookie checklist. I wish more cards like this were done in products not named Supreme or Five Star, as I have perceived the veteran content to be lacking for the last few years outside of the two big sets at the end of the year.

As for the on card autos, I am VERY happy they managed to get premiere photos on them this early in the game. Considering how long it takes to print Chrome stock cards, and get them signed under the blackout rule, this is a big win. Last year's cards were retouched college pics, and this year it looks like they were able to pull off some magic in the time since the shoot. The cards look nice, but it is really tough to beat the look from 2012, which were really nice in their presentation. The 1980s new wave style background is somewhat busy for my tastes, and though the pics make a marked difference in the way these cards look, I still like 2012 better.

Here is the thing. Platinum is going to be a rough break for a lot of people who open it, as we know that Vance McDonald is going to haunt you like the boogeyman. However, I will be buying a ton of singles and maybe a few boxes knowing that this stuff continues to be a fun set as the season begins.

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  1. This stuff looks really good…….Patch Auto’s look great…… Might pick me up a box or two of this

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