2013 Topps Prime is LIVE!

When Topps Prime was first released back in 2010, I was not too impressed with the design or theme of the set. It was hard to be enamored with a triple threads style presentation when you are someone like me, and to this day I still struggle with that aspect. Over the years, Prime has come into its own as a brand that is worth reproducing, especially for last year’s set. It has turned into a very fun break at a cost that isnt prohibitive, and I think this year’s set really does the brand justice. It is far from being what it could be in terms of potential with the box hit quad relic autos, but the other cards do look nice enough to make up for it.

2013 Topps Prime Montee Ball Triple Jumbo Patch Auto Relic Booklet

2013 Topps Prime Alfred Morris Quad Relic Auto /50

2013 Topps Prime Jonathan Franklin Quad Relic Auto /50

2013 Topps Prime Le'Veon Bell Base Auto RC

The biggest draw each year are the booklet autos with multiple relics. I think we will be in for a nice go of it with the booklets this year based on sell sheet designs and what is already up, and I dont think they will even be the cards that look the best. Last year, the jumbo patch auto cards were some of the best sticker autographs of the entire year, and I am VERY eager to see how they turn out.

However, the most important cards in the break are still the quad relic autographs. Although I like the idea of them interchanging different pieces of different material, I still think they could be done much more intelligently. As they stand right now, they look like Triple Threads without the stupid phrases die cut into the card, and that doesnt sit well with me. I would much rather have a larger player picture than more relics, which is further exacerbated by the formation like a wrestling championship belt.

The base autos do look really nice, as they do every year, and I know that this part of the set is rarely appreciated. We are getting some veterans in the mix this year, and I hope we see this trend continue through the next few products. Prime has always been full bleed without borders on the base and autos, and I think they look really cool. I always say the base autos look the best because of the simplicity factor, but Prime is better than that.

Overall, Prime is a fun break, and I have always done well with the boxes I have opened. I would definitely say this product is worth a look this year, especially if you want some cool looking cards for a cheap price.

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