2013 Topps Strata Santa Claus Auto Relics Outselling Top Rookies

Okay, I get why Topps would set out to make a card with the holiday season’s most popular figure. Its clear that there are a lot of people that identify with Christmas, and to commemorate that with a Santa Claus card of this fashion makes sense. Its a gimmick, no doubt about it, but it is one that has been done frequently over the years. The first of the Santa Claus Strata Signature Shadowboxes are up, and you are not going to believe how much they are going for.

Here are the first examples:

2013 Topps Strata Santa Claus Auto Relic Shadowbox /35

2013 Topps Strata Santa Claus Auto Relic Shadowbox /35 #2

Kind of makes this rookie class look even more sad than it already is, when a fictional character's autograph can outsell the top rookie of the year. Either way, this is only one of many in a line of a bunch of Santa Claus cards from over the years, and though I dont really identify with the appeal, its clear that card collectors really like gimmick cards like this.

Here are some of the others:

2007 Topps Santa Claus Auto BGS 9

2010 Allen and Ginter Santa Claus Mini

1990 Pro Set Santa Claus Promo

One of the Santa relics was pulled on a group break at Cardsmiths break on release day, and from the reports received, it replaced the normal case hit. That is quite bothersome to me, which Topps called a potential packout mistake. Now that people are seeing what they sell for, maybe its not as much of a bad thing as I thought it was.

Not only that, but this isnt even the only cards created of fictional characters either, with these types of relics being a rather commonly used program over the years. Funny enough, back a few years ago, Topps was sued by one of their employees who posed for one of the cards of fictional John Henry. Only goes to show you what is possible.

Im curious to see where these Strata Santa cards settle in, as its likely they will calm down over the next few weeks as more show up.

2 thoughts on “2013 Topps Strata Santa Claus Auto Relics Outselling Top Rookies

  1. Saw one of these on ebay as I searched for 2013 Strata by high price descending

    If this replaced the case hit auto, I dont know what my recourse is other to sell but Im sure Id be calling Topps…

    Leave junk like that in the Allen and Ginter with the guitar hero world champ etc..

  2. How about the start of the 2013 football card collecting season? One of the big chase cards this year were from the two big companies, Topps and Panini. Bowman and Score produced retail exclusive cards of “Leon Sandcastle”. For those that are not familiar with the “Sandcastle” character, it is a spoof of Deion “Prime Time” Sanders having been the first round, first overall pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Out of the blue, I happened to stop by our LCS and had the proprietor pick out a couple of packs from 2013 Panini Prestige. I was lucky in the fact that I actually pulled a 2013 Panini Prestige Auto Leon Sandcastle 12/21. Current Beckett value? $250.00! Like your article states, how ironic is it that the big hit for the start of the 2013 collecting season is of a fictitious player. Yes, I completely agree with you that the draft class of 2013 is weak at best! At least I have a card that will make a great conversational piece as well as having a premium value attached to it. You can view my card on “Sports Card Album” in my Kansas City Chiefs folder!

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year,


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