2013 Topps Supreme and 2013 Crown Royale are Primed for a Big Co-Release

Two big products hit the market tomorrow – one in Topps Supreme that has become a top billing for the calendar over the last 3 years, and Crown Royale, whose Silhouettes might be some of the best Panini cards of the year. Although I think Supreme is a better singles product by far, I think the Silhouettes could come across as the best in the two sets.

Not many cards are live as of today, but they should be out en masse tomorrow:

2013 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck / John Elway Dual Auto

2013 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck / EJ Manuel Dual Auto Patch Booklet /15

2013 Topps Supreme Dan Marino Auto Jersey

2013 Panini Crown Royale Eddie Lacy Silhouette Auto Patch Silver /299

2013 Panini Crown Royale Le'Veon Bell Silhouette Auto Patch

2013 Panini Crown Royale Aaron Dobson Silhouette Auto Patch

2013 Panini Crown Royale Luke Joeckel Auto RC /25

Topps released a TON of pictures on their facebook today, many of which looked quite incredible. Although I absolutely loved the way 2012 looked, they have definitely taken a step forward indeed.

Here are some of my favorites from last year:

2012 Topps Supreme Robert Griffin III Playbook Auto Booklet

2012 Topps Supreme Andrew Luck Six Piece Auto Relic Booklet

2012 Topps Supreme Nick Foles Auto Jumbo Patch 1/1

Check out the way they look this year:

1782433_10152240700559594_2046151399_o 1973251_10152240700159594_1716489860_o 1606311_10152240699819594_1841886043_o 1973447_10152240699709594_1237398379_o 1658575_10152240697114594_1852309361_o 1799883_10152240697039594_442773793_o 1780162_10152240696884594_389032742_o 1978372_10152240696149594_239357402_o 1553351_10152240696139594_2123473476_o 1900139_10152240694454594_557872504_n 1962112_10152240693019594_1874161164_o 1921029_10152240692994594_1372851382_o 1617606_10152240692944594_307927829_o 1960856_10152240692894594_1308485170_o 1902794_10152240691544594_1481055668_n 1909330_10152240689464594_417029047_o 1559265_10152240689309594_1237241648_o (1) 1957858_10152240687839594_250012528_o 1932709_10152240687609594_448047233_o 1795302_10152240683814594_618576903_o 1911101_10152240683729594_217051257_o 1606212_10152240682649594_213315851_o 1926167_10152240682484594_1981242506_o 1622483_10152240681509594_738264420_o 1973556_10152240681284594_409577212_o 1796721_10152240700479594_124171390_o 1932574_10152240697099594_1685048_o

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty awesome day if you are a buyer, im definitely going to be chasing more than a few cards from both sets.

2 thoughts on “2013 Topps Supreme and 2013 Crown Royale are Primed for a Big Co-Release

  1. As bitter as I was about Supreme not being on card autos, those 1/1’s look like the best stickers I’ve ever seen bar none…

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