2013 Topps Supreme: Can a Great Design Overcome a Weak Class?

Its clear that 2013 is a year that many people would like to say goodbye to. The rookie class hasnt helped sell any product, and when that happens in football, the rest of the calendar can suffer immensely. Although 2013 Topps Supreme is the best that it has ever looked, it is going to be a tough break for most of the people out there. I thought 2012 was a great looking product to begin with, and with a strong class, it wasnt as hard to get past the format of the boxes. This year's product looks that much better, but its going to be hard to get excited about a Tyler Wilson jersey card as your pack hit.

Here are some of the big hits so far:

2013 Topps Supreme Joe Montana Quad Patch Auto – Really like the look here.

2013 Topps Supreme Le'Veon Bell / Landry Jones Dual Silhouette Auto Relic Booklet

2013 Topps Supreme Eddie Lacy Jumbo Patch Auto

2013 Topps Supreme Joe Montana / Steve Young Dual Auto Patch Booklet

Now that Supreme is live, I think that the comparisons I have always drawn to Upper Deck's Ultimate Collection of 2008 and 2009 ring even more true. If you hit it big with Supreme, you can hit it BIG. The cards look so nice that the singles a player or team collector can pick up are going to far outweigh the price of admission.

My favorite cards in the product back in 2012 were the jumbo patch autos, which are back again for another year. Because the patch window isnt connected directly to the sticker window, I think the design is much more easy to follow, and looks a lot better. I wish that they werent so rare in the grand scheme of the format, but I really like the checklist for this year’s set.

The best non-autograph part of the set is the 1/1 logos, which I wasnt all that impressed with in 2012. The cards really look completely different this year, and it is a welcome change to the landscape. Adding in a better design on the letter patches and laundry tags to boot, and I have to applaud Topps for constructing things the right way.

Supreme will end up getting lost among the rest of the products at the end of the calendar, as the sticker autos are going to take things down a notch. However, this is one of those sets that really has no licensed competition in terms of the theme and focus of the finished product. If Topps were to find a way to get hard signed autographs for the vet and HOF sigs, I think my review would be much more favorable.

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