2013 Topps Supreme: High End Cards for Low Cost?

When Supreme football was first released, I hated it. Actually, hated is an understatement. It did little to separate itself from products like Triple Threads, and the composition/design of the cards was not up to the level that we have seen from Topps in 2011-2013. Over the course of the last few years, I have become a huge fan of Supreme, being one of the Topps products that goes all out on vets and rookies combined. There have been some really nice parts to the product in the last few years, and 2013 looks to be right in line.

Base cards

In 2012 and 2011, the base design always seemed to be an afterthought to me, just removing the sticker, but leaving a boxy nameplate to replace the sticker that is obviously going to be there. This year, its much more effectively used and presents a separate look to the scheme. The shield silhouette in the background is cool for brand recognition, and I think is a nice touch to bring it all together.

Last year:

2012 Topps Supreme Dan Marino Base

2012 Topps Supreme Russell Wilson Base RC

This year:


Base Autographs

Supreme’s autograph checklist has always been much more impressive than many of the other products available each year, and the base autos are usually the place where we get to see some really nice cards. The design is in line with the base cards this year, and I continue to like the embellished area for the sticker. Its one thing to slap a big white box behind it, but when its gold foil that is part of the design, it looks much better.

Last year:

2012 Topps Supreme Frank Gore Base Auto 1/1

2012 Topps Supreme Doug Martin Base RC Auto

This year:


Rookie Booklet Autos

This design has always been a strong point for Supreme, as the booklets with jumbo patches and signatures still carry novel premise, and extra value to boot. These logo books are new for this year, but still look very cool. My only thing is that we got a very similar configuration in Inception this year with on card autos. Obviously the updated pictures are a big help, but do they justify another inclusion? I think the design is very nice, and though they are stickers, I doubt anyone is going to complain if they pull one.

Last year:

2012 Topps Supreme Robert Griffin III Auto Patch Booklet

2012 Topps Supreme Brock Osweiler Auto Patch Booklet

This year:


Oversized Rookie Playbook Autos

These were some of the top cards of the product in 2012, as they add a level of autograph content even above where we usually get with inscriptions. This year, they are oversized box loaders that should be even more interesting, as the players look like they will have much more room to draw out the plays. I am always a fan of unique autograph content, and this was a good enough idea, that Panini stole it for their products.

Last year:

2012 Topps Supreme Russell Wilson Playbook Auto /5

2012 Topps Supreme Brandon Weeden Playbook Auto /5

This year:


Here are my biggest concerns about supreme. Any time you have a one hit per pack/box product, you run the risk of major dud and major win boxes. That has the tendency to turn people off, especially with the rookie class as it is right now. Similarly, many collectors complain that Supreme looks too much like Five Star in its presentation, and that the sets should do more to separate themselves. I agree that there are similarities, but I like each design enough to know that there is merit in both. Not everyone can afford Five Star, and this is a great opportunity to get some high end level cards for a box price that isnt going to break the bank. I have always said, when you hit it big, you REALLY hit it big with Supreme. That always drives me to bust a lot of it.

3 thoughts on “2013 Topps Supreme: High End Cards for Low Cost?

  1. It seems like the only time I comment is when I disagree with you. Today, I am going to come across like a Sports Cards Uncensored clone. But when your right, your right.

    I have always been a fan of Topps Supreme. Buying a box of Topps Supreme football is like buying in on a Five Star case break. Sometimes you win big, sometimes you come up short. If you hit a big winner every once in a while, you can get over the times you came up short. In any case, Topps Supreme is a great looking product.

  2. I just don’t like the use of sticker autos. Even though the price point is lower, this IS a high end product since $80-90 can get you stuck with a 1 color jersey.

    With the similarity of Supreme & Five Star, I’d like to see Supreme go away and have Topps introduce a 1 hit pack of Five Star (similar to how Topps Hobby vs. Jumbo Hobby works). I know this won’t happen but it would be pretty cool to have a lower priced entry point to a high end product.

  3. I dont like the idea of sticker auto in pack of $80 plus product either.

    If you buy more than 3 packs of Supreme, you might as well just pony up for 5 star and its 4 auto hits per…

    I really like the idea of increasing pack count of a five star box… Make it a 12 pack box with 1 auto per pack and a base card or jersey card in every pack as well…

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