2013 Topps Triple Threads Finally Creates a Card Set Worth Checking Out

Ill be the first to admit that I never thought I would love a Triple Threads card. However, these logo patches we are seeing in the unity set are absolutely awesome, and it makes me sad that the autographs turned out the way they did. I have seen some crazy cards come across in these jumbo swatches, and for the first time, I am not going to cringe whenever I see the design.

Check these out, they are surprisingly ridiculous:

2013 Topps Triple Threads Bryce Harper Jumbo Logo Patch /9

2013 Topps Triple Threads Mariano Rivera Jumbo Tag Logo /3

2013 Topps Triple Threads Yoenis Cespedes Jumbo Logo Patch /9

2013 Topps Triple Threads Matt Holiday Jumbo Logo Patch /9

Baseball is odd in the fact that there is such a dichotomy between the set collectors and the high end hit collectors. Technically, you can separate out the prospectors into a third group, but that is a different story all together. These types of jumbo patches with logos can drive a premium similar to basketball, and more, if not only because there arent many sets driven to this type of crowd. In Basketball, high end is the only thing that sells, so these types of jumbo logo patches are everywhere. In football, the rookie premiere drives event used stuff down our throats, so these types of cards are everywhere. They arent special. Its a different case in baseball.

Although these cards are not autographed, they are ones that I would consider looking at, if I had the kind of cash to buy them. The rectangular window that runs vertically on the card is a new approach, and it looks really well done. Topps hasnt offered this specific type of content in a triple threads product before, single jumbo patch cards with logos, and I think it works. Its time to get more content like this in Triple Threads’ high end box price, and move away from the tired junk we usually see.

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