2013 Triple Threads Football – The Best and Worst of the Set

As I mentioned before, I am not the biggest fan of Triple Threads, and though the football product has improved over the years, there is still a long way to go. I wanted to go over the parts of it that work, and the parts that dont, as I think there are parts of it that work better than others.

2013 Base Rookie Autos and Parallels – WIN

I am a bigger fan of this design, as the only thing triple threads about it is the number of swatches. The large player picture and the cool engine block like design works really well, especially as you progress through the parallel structures. They used some of the logo patches in the 1/1s, and though its still a sticker, they turned out nice.

2013 Triple Threads EJ Manuel Auto Triple Relic Logo

2013 Triple Threads Le'Veon Bell Triple Relic Auto

2013 Transparency Rookie Autos – WIN

When you look at these cards, the way the acetate is used really stands out. It presents almost a shadowbox like feel to the card, even though they still have a connection to new triple threads design. Again, a prime focus on a large player picture, offset to the right of the focus of the card is awesome looking. I would love to see this idea evolve over the years, as I think its one of the best triple threads concepts in a long time.

2013 Triple Threads Giovani Bernard Transparency Auto

2013 Triple Threads Terrance Williams Transparency Auto

2013 Veteran Auto Relics – LOSS

You either hate these cards or you love them, and I am one of the people that despise them. I cant stand the stupid phrases that Topps diecuts into the cards, and this year is no different. For whatever reason, collectors go apeshit over these, and I dont get it. So many of them makes no sense, and the design never did anything for me. Although its better than it has been over previous years, its not something I would ever consider buying.

2013 Triple Threads Dan Marino Auto Triple Relic

2013 Triple Threads Randall Cobb Auto Triple Relic

2013 Triple Threads CJ Spiller Auto Triple Relic

2013 Triple Threads Joe Flacco Auto Triple Relic

2013 Rookie Booklet Leather Bound Autos – WIN

These cards are pretty amazing as well, as they combine the new rookie card design in booklet form with football skin used as the back of the booklet. As I mentioned before, they had been done previously in single cards, but doing the booklet provides room for almost a whole side of a football.

2013 Triple Threads Tavon Austin / Geno Smith Leather Bound Booklet Auto

Autographs – LOSS

Triple threads is a product that should have many more on card autographs, especially considering how much each box costs. Topps mentioned it has a lot to do with the time of year, but I dont really think that should be an excuse for a set that has a big following. For these types of releases, I would max out the content to really make it pop.

2013 Triple Threads Adrian Peterson / Cordarrelle Patterson Auto Dual Booklet

2013 Triple Threads Jerry Rice Auto Triple Relic

Pack format – LOSS

When this set first came out, it was an auto and a jersey for 180 bucks. Even though they added 2 extra hits, those hits are awful looking in most cases. I would much rather see more content added on the veteran side than adding more worthless rookie autos and jerseys, but we all know that isnt Topps’ method of operation. I think most collectors would be happy with making back 80 bucks of 150 with Threads, and that isnt an exaggeration.

Rookie Unity Relic Autos – LOSS

Horrible design on this card with almost 1/3 of the surface area obscured with gaudy foil. Most of these just look horribly off balance, which is par for the course with this set.

2013 Triple Threads Eddie Lacy Unity Relic Auto

2013 Triple Threads Montee Ball Unity Relic Auto

Triple Relic Autos – LOSS

I never understand why the cards are formatted this way, as its pretty clear you cant fit 3 stickers, 3 relics and 3 players on a single card and make it look good. YUCK.

2013 Triple Threads Eagles Triple Auto Relic – Foles / Vick / Barkley

Again, as mentioned above, collectors either love or hate this product, and it should be pretty clear why that is the case. I give props to the design team for doing what they can to keep the product going after 6 years.

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