2013 Turkey Red Football is Live

A few weeks ago, I covered the second year of Turkey Red Football being released through Topps’ online store. Although it wasnt a sell out due to increased production, I really do like the way the updated design looks now that its live. Topps has had some nice online exclusives over the last few years, and this one isnt bad.

Here are some of the pulls:

2013 Turkey Red Geno Smith Green Auto 7/10

2013 Topps Turkey Red Kenbrell Thomkins Auto

2013 Turkey Red Giovani Bernard Green Auto /10

2013 Turkey Red Manti Teo Green Auto /10

As with every one of the Topps online products, the good autographs are few and far between. That proves to be an unfortunate side effect of the program itself, as I think some improved autograph content could drive extra sales. I mentioned before that online products should be more of a factor for the ever growing internet based hobby, but I doubt that will be the true focus going forward. These autos dont do them any favors.

I think that Turkey Red is a perfect vehicle for this type of format, as its clear that it doesnt necessarily deserve a widespread type of release. However, when you consider that a product like Archives got a full format, im curious if that might have been better in a different venue.

Overall, Turkey Red can still be a very tough box to stomach with the checklist it has. But at 19.99, a blaster isnt going to give you much more content either, unless you are a fan of the base cards that you are destined to pull. Too bad there arent more inserts or chrome cards to round out the print run, I think that could take the sting out of it. I do like the photo variations, which are a good add, but its still relatively flat.

As the future of internet card buying improves, I can definitely expect more products like this. Hopefully there continues to be a dedication towards growth and development of the market.

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