2013 NFL Week One: Newbies and Hobby Superstars Both Bring the Heat

Now that we are through most of the important games of the week, it feels good to have football back. Very good. In fact, I think there were more impressive performances than I expected yesterday, some from VERY unlikely sources. As a result, we should see some serious movement today, especially on guys who are newer to the game. This was a good week.

Geno Smith

Raise your hand if you expected Geno Smith to find a way to win yesterday. If your hand is in the air, put it down because you are lying. After the way he played in the pre-season, combined with the circus surrounding the Jets, I had absolutely zero confidence in their ability to put together an ugly victory. If you look back over the auctions from before the game, not many others did either. However, this is a very good thing for 2013 cards, as Geno’s stuff has seen a bump, which helps us all out. Although I think this is more representative of the exception to what will happen this year for the Jets, its a good start for a guy with little confidence in his game. Personally I just want him to win because he has such an awesome autograph.

2013 Topps Finest Geno Smith Atomic Red Refractor Auto /25

2013 Topps Geno Smith Rookie Premiere Auto /90

EJ Manuel

Similar to the Jets, the Bills were a series away from beating the Pats on the back of a guy who might have been the biggest draft reach in a long time. Although Manuel didnt put up numbers like Cam Newton did during his debut, he played better than I expected him to play against a very tough team on a big stage. Ever since the Bills announced he was the starter, even after the knee injury early in the preseason, Manuel's cards have been selling well. I still dont think he will evolve into a top QB, but he didnt look bad yesterday, which is great news.

2013 Momentum EJ Manuel Auto RC /10

2013 Topps Finest EJ Manuel Red Refractor Auto 4 Clr Patch /75

Colin Kaepernick

For a guy that looked like Superman last year, there was a lot of people spewing out vitriol surrounding his potential to come back and continue to be successful. Green Bay came into San Francisco looking to avenge their season ending loss last year, but Kaepernick stood tall and played his ass off. Not only that, but he accomplished the victory doing everything differently than he did in the previous meeting. He was tearing the Packers’ defense apart from the pocket instead of on the ground, and it looked mighty impressive. His cards cooled off a bit since the Super Bowl, but they are back to being hot now that he showed he still has the magic.

2011 Contenders Colin Kaepernick Auto Ticket BGS 9.5

2011 National Treasures Colin Kaepernick Auto Patch /99

Andrew Luck

I am a big fan of Andrew Luck, mainly because I think he has the potential to be one of the best in the league. I think there was some worry about the team considering that there was some major luck involved with their record last year, including 7 fourth quarter comebacks. Now, the Raiders are a shitty team, and that is putting it lightly. However, most of their issues stem from their offense, even though their defense is pretty bad too. Regardless, they put up a fight, and Luck needed another fourth quarter comeback for the win. His cards will never be soft until the wheels fall off, but its nice to see that he came out strong to start the year.

2012 National Treasures Andrew Luck 2 color Patch Auto

2013 Topps Finest Andrew Luck Jumbo Patch Auto Pulsar /15

Terrelle Pryor

As I just said for Andrew Luck, Pryor put up a fight in their loss. Even though he made some costly rookie mistakes, he is currently the league’s leading rusher, which baffles me. Pryor didnt play close to a perfect game, but he did enough to keep the game within reach. His ability to run with prowess rallied the team, and helped the defense make up for awful play. Since being named the starter, his cards have been very difficult to find at a reasonable rate. They are not going to be any different today, much to my surprise. I was wholeheartedly expecting them to tank after a terrible game, but he ended up playing well.

2011 National Treasures Terrelle Pryor Auto /99

2011 Topps Supreme Terrelle Pryor Auto Green /15

Julius Thomas

I know the Broncos played on Thursday, but I fail to understand why people keep buying into Julius Thomas around the hobby. He has a few things going for him, but more strikes than anything. First, and foremost, he is a tight end. Tight ends rarely sell well on a large scale, especially long term. Buying now is a terrible idea, made even worse when you consider how many great targets there are around him. Demaryious Thomas, Wes Welker, Eric Decker? All pro-bowl caliber guys. He may have had a great game, but he is FAAAAR from a good investment.

2011 National Treasures Julius Thomas Auto /99

2011 Panini Certified Julius Thomas Mirror Blue Auto

2011 Topps Chrome Julius Thomas Gold Refractor /50

Tonight’s games are going to be important for the hobby as well, with RGIII playing in his first action since the injury last year. I am eager to see how he does, but his prospects have definitely helped his cards. Lets hope he plays well.

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