2014 Bowman Baseball Goes Chrome Crazy for Chicago Prospects

If you haven’t heard anything about 2014 Bowman over the last few days, consider yourself to be out of the loop. Aside from being one of the best looking Bowman products in years, this set is quite the beast with some of the top prospects out there. When I start opening baseball boxes, it’s a big deal.

If you pull a Kris Bryant or Jose Abreu auto, you are easily in the black and then some. Check out what these cards are up for:

2014 Bowman Jose Abreu Auto Refractor RC /500

2014 Bowman Jose Abreu Auto Black Refractor RC /99

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Auto Black Wave Refractor RC /50

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Auto Gold Refractor RC /50

Over the last 2 days, there have been some incredible pulls already from the product, which may not actually be a good thing. There have already been 2 Mark Appel Superfractor autos (regular and mini) pulled, and now we are just getting word that the biggest card in the product has also been pulled. When you hit as many home runs in your first month as Abreu has hit, the Superfractor auto might be approaching the level we saw with Puig and Harper back during 2011. Not quite there, but close. Byron Buxton had his fair share of interest too, we might be well past that hype.

Abreu has been on a tear, and that’s just putting it lightly. Its not that it was going to be unexpected, as Abreu was a huge signing for the White Sox. However, we also knew that because of Yasiel Puig, he was going to be even bigger than if he had come to MLB any other year. He has definitely lived up to expectations in the early part of the season, but there is still a long way to go.

It doesn’t really matter anyhow, as collectors all over the nation are scrambling to get their copies of his first licensed autograph.

Kris Bryant is similarly hot, as another Chicago product, which is kind of cool considering that Abreu is his AL counterpart. Although his autos are redemptions, they are not shying anyone away from buying them in huge auction prices. When you think that to start the year, everyone was talking about Tanaka, he seems to be an afterthought now that he has basically said he does not want to sign autographs.

Topps seems to have lucked out lately with Bowman as there have been so many players that make the box price skyrocket. To think that this is going to be another huge year is just crazy.

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