2014 Bowman Brings More than Just Prospects

It should be clear that 2014 Bowman is all about prospects. Although many of the top players in the set have yet to crack the big leagues, the cards usually sell for crazy money. Its not all normal cardboard in Bomwan, however. There are lots of quirky additions that I find EXTREMELY interesting.

Russell Wilson Texas Rangers “RC”

Back in 2010, Wilson was actually on a normal Bowman prospect card, but his baseball career never materialized (obviously). During 2014 Spring Training, he wanted to go back and reclaim some of those glory days, and Topps went and memorialized him on his own SSP RC for this year. They are going for insane amounts of cash, which is not surprising.

2014 Bowman Russell Wilson Texas Rangers SSP

2014 Bowman Russell Wilson Texas Rangers SSP #2

2014 Bowman Russell Wilson Texas Rangers SSP #3

Bowman Contract

For each of the last few years, Topps has offered a 1 day contract to a fan to be on their very own prospect card. The contract is one of 10 and even if you dont win the eventual card, you will get some nice prizes. They have offered it in football too, but this is about as good as it gets. Even though the contract winner cards are extremely SSP, they still are cool to see.

2014 Bowman Contract Redemption – 1 of 10

2014 Bowman Contract Winner RC SSP

Oversized Box Toppers

This is the first time I have ever seen this program in Bowman, with a few different variations of oversized box toppers. Some have autos and others are just rare serially numbered versions of the prospect cards. I pulled one in my box of Bowman this year, and I think they turned out pretty cool.

2014 Bowman Jose Abreu Oversized Box Topper Silver Ice /99

2014 Bowman Mark Appel Oversized Box Topper Auto /25

I am a huge fan of Bowman each year, and I am loving all this stuff that Topps is using to keep things interesting. Although the prospect class is a beast in this set, its nice that they arent letting the foot off the gas.

One thought on “2014 Bowman Brings More than Just Prospects

  1. Buyers never cease to amaze me.. Paying over $600 for the Russell Wilson card? I guess if youve got it spend it but just a quick search yields a PSA10 Contenders rookie for the same price…

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