2014 Bowman Football is LIVE!

Get excited people – 2014 licensed products are here! Well, sort of.

As one of three products released tomorrow, Bowman is the one I am most excited for based on the options I have available. I think it is by far the best looking of any product released so far this year, but that isnt saying a whole lot:

2014 Bowman Johnny Manziel Mini RC

2014 Bowman Khalil Mack Red Refractor Auto /25

2014 Bowman Bishop Sankey Gold Refractor Auto /75

2014 Bowman Jimmy Garoppolo Gold Refractor Auto /75

2014 Bowman Zach Mettenberger Refractor Auto Base

We all know that pre-draft products are close to impossible to make these days, as the use of college jerseys is only available to Upper Deck. As a result, the companies have had to get extra creative in the way they make their products, and Bowman is the first of a few products that will be impacted. Although I wish everyone would wait until they could get stuff from the premiere out to the consumer, there is money to be made.

At least Topps is making an effort with a product with all on card autographs and chrome stock, as I have mentioned before. The card design is as good as ever, and I am happy they chose to use airbrushed action shots instead of the stupid sideline shots. Last year’s Bowman was a surprise in itself, becoming the breakout product to bust in the beginning of the 2013 card season.

It relied on lots of color in a short print run, and it doesnt look like that is changing TOO much for 2014. With the addition of guys like Johnny Manziel and company, I like the potential in picking off a few singles. Considering the alternatives are a million times worse, Ill make due with Bowman for now.

We still havent seen all of what Bowman has to offer, but it should be almost identical to last year. The main issue is that collectors will have to wait until Flagship to get a Topps product with true RPS pics, which will lead a lot of people to avoid the retouched college shots until that comes out. I dont necessarily think they are taking the wrong approach, just some of us are much more hungry for new cards than others.

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