2014 Bowman Inception is Back for Another Huge Year

As I mentioned earlier during the NFL Rookie Premiere, Topps Inception has become one of my favorite products of the year. Not only does it look amazing, but the cards can be quite interesting sometimes.

Last year, it made the transition to Baseball with a lot of success – its back for year two today:

2014 Bowman Inception Bryce Harper MLB Logo Patch Auto 1/1

2014 Bowman Inception Jose Abreu Auto RC

2014 Bowman Inception Tyler Austin MLB Logo Auto Patch 1.1

2014 Bowman Inception Gregory Polanco Auto Relic RC

The big draws are Kris Bryant and Jose Abreu, just like it is with every other product this year, and with new Topps Exclusive Yasiel Puig last year. Even with Chicago rookies tearing it up, the checklist actually has a lot of other really nice stuff from Buxton, Appel, and others too.

Like with football, Baseball’s big draws are the insert type autos, which go outside the normal base. I love the auto relic design this year, as the wood grain type design makes it look really cool. As for the Inception version of the Bowman cards themselves, I think the idea comes from the right place, but just the wrong set. I would have liked the regular Topps RC instead – maybe expanding out to other non-rookie players.

Inception isnt without controversy either, as Topps inexplicably added old autos from Kris Bryant. The cards were supposed to be included in a previous release of Bowman Draft, but never made it into the product. For whatever stupid reason, they thought this was the vehicle to release them. I see why they would do it, or need to do it, but I know it is going to piss off a lot of people. I am also not sure what is going to happen to his 2014 Bowman cards – although its probably not much.

I am an inception fan, and would be busting through cases of this if I were a true Baseball fan. Instead I am just sitting back and watching the great pulls come through.

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