2014 Bowman Jose Abreu Superfractor Auto 1/1 Hits Ebay

I mentioned yesterday that the Jose Abreu Superfractor auto had been pulled, as well as a few other big pulls for the product. Now that a few days have passed, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the card is up for sale already. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, you should take a look at the price!

2014 Bowman Chrome Jose Abreu Auto Superfractor 1/1

Its clear this is the hottest card in the product, and its even more likely that it will sell for somewhere north of the price of a small car. What I wasn’t truly aware of until yesterday was that Abreu isn’t exactly on the same level as Yasiel Puig was last year. Abreu is all of 27 years old, which puts him WELL ahead of the curve when it comes to rookies coming into the league (Puig is 23). For a GM making a splash, that isn’t too big a deal, but for a card collector, that could be a big deterrent.

NOTE: The seller reportedly posted that the card has sold for 15K+, which means the price should be around 10K in real terms. Still amazing.

Obviously, that hasn’t stopped people from going nuts over his stuff:

2014 Bowman Chrome Jose Abreu Auto Blue Refractor /150

2014 Bowman Chrome Jose Abreu Auto Black Refractor /99

2014 Bowman Chrome Jose Abreu Auto Refractor /500

I think there is something to be said about comparative value in just about every facet of this hobby, and I have seen multiple articles on it even over the last few days. Even if Abreu goes on to win 3 MVPs, does that make his card worth THAT kind of money? Probably not. I remember when Strasburg made national headlines thanks to his Superfractor sale, and that one wasn’t even autographed. Where are we now, after Surgery and a few seasons up with the big league team? Not close to 22K.

Lets be perfectly honest here – all players come with an element of risk, and many of the people who can afford these cards are not necessarily risking house and home to buy them. Im just wondering how we come to reach this level of crazy.

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