2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Superfractor – Sure Target for Repack Products?

With each passing year of Bowman, there seems to be an increase in expectations for the biggest pulls of the product. As more and more people look to it for the top valued card of the year in any sport, the reputation of the prospect focused game grows. I mentioned back around release that the Abreu Superfractor auto had been pulled and sold, and now we have the second of the big pulls that was just listed on eBay this week.

Here it is:

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Auto Superfractor 1/1

Funny enough, the Bryant MINI Superfractor is also up at the same time:

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Mini Superfractor 1/1

Here is where the normal autos sell for reference – STILL insane:

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Base Auto RC

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Green Refractor Auto /75

The Abreu card was bought by Pastime Sports Cards for upcoming release in one of their baseball repack products, and I am happy that there are large buyers out there like this who will give the money to people for their big pulls. Kris Bryant is arguably a much better prospect, age being a large factor. Abreu is having a monster season, and it should not be surprising that his cards are on this level. I have often said that there needs to be more of a “circle of life” for cards in the hobby, as the market to resell wax pulls on eBay seems to be shrinking. If the repack card buying circuit increases the dividends for those people that still bust, I dont see that as a bad thing at all.

In fact, I actually think that many of the repack companies contribute in a way that many of the mainstream companies cannot. If you look at Heroes of Sport, my favorite of the custom product companies, they readily provide an insane level of museum quality pieces available for people to potentially pull in their boxes. Cards on the level like the Kris Bryant are commonly bought for this type of release, as evidenced in the purchase of the Puig super auto last year and the Strasburg Super back in 2010.

I am happy that many of these cards continue to have the value of a small car, as it shows that this market still has some pop. Although its obvious that the 1990s have come and gone for every collectable industry, big pulls still have an allure that will never be diminished as long as the buyers still chase that high.

Will Bryant ever be good? No idea, and from past indications, its a 50/50 shot for many of the top prospects. If Abreu can sell for over 10k, im guessing this will come close.

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