2014 Bowman Victory Autos Are Live For Big Winners

Contest giveaways or freebie giveaways have always been a cool program as long as they are done correctly. Topps has done quite a few of these types of things over the years, including some pretty popular contest giveaways in football and baseball pertaining to games online. Today, we are seeing some of the collectors who took the Bowman Prospect Challenge seriously are getting their due, in spades.

Check these out:

2014 Bowman Victory Byron Buxton Auto /10

2014 Bowman Victory Miguel Sano Auto /10

2014 Bowman Victory Austin Meadows Auto /10

2014 Bowman Victory Jose Fernandez Auto /10

This set of cards has been pretty impressive, looking identical to the Bowman Black set, but with a gold background. Now that Topps has fulfilled the winners with their haul, some of them have been pretty impressive. One guy on blowout won over 100 different autographs, which has to be a big deal to any collector out there.

No doubt about it, there are some big names in the set, with some top notch on card autos across the board. That is pretty fucking awesome. Considering that the challenge was relatively easy to participate in, I think it’s a great idea to see how they actually are coming through with so many autos. There are only 10 complete sets from what it looks like, so these cards are EXCEEDINGLY rare.

Im a fan of these, as the ones we got in football were stickers – but still quite cool. This takes that prize level to another world. I love it.

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  1. Nice looking FREE cards. I need to be in these giveaways. Thanks for sharing.

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