2014 Chrome Kris Bryant Autos Are Live and Commanding Huge Prices

This is the time of year that baseball fans get excited about. Baseball is finally into its groove, and the sets are starting to heat up as well. Right now there is no hotter autograph in the hobby than Kris Bryant, a top prospect in the Cubs organization. With Masahiro Tanaka not signing autographs for anyone, Bryant is the rookie that everyone wants to pull.

Up until now, his cards have been redemptions, but the first live cards are starting to show up:

2014 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant Auto Gold Refractor /50

2014 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant Auto Refractor Lucky Redemption /500

2013 Bowman Black Kris Bryant Auto Silver /25

2014 Bowman Kris Bryant Auto Blue Refractor /150

In the next few weeks, major prospect cards in Bowman Inception and Draft Picks will be hitting shelves, and its likely that Bryant will play a big role in those products as well. For now, he is the person that everyone is chasing, expecting huge things while playing for one of the league’s more popular teams.

At the beginning of the season, it was Jose Abreu all day every day, as everyone saw the other Chicago big bopper as the rookie to collect. With age being a factor, as well as his inevitable cooling down, his cards have settled. Bryant was a much tougher pull and harder to obtain than Abreu, thus leading to ridiculous prices. Abreu’s Superfractor auto may have broken the modern ceiling with its’ sale, but the regular autos arent comparable. Bryant has him.

I have always stood by the fact that prospecting isnt about players like Bryant, who start hot and go from there. Prospecting is about the guys that are under appreciated, of which the label does not fit him at all. People buying in looking for a huge return on investment are looking under the wrong rocks, as its hard to truly see a big boost on a guy that is already selling for the big bucks.

Either way, this guy is on top of the world as we see here, and will likely be there for a while.

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