2014 Donruss Baseball: New Recollection Collection Plays On Nostalgia

I am a huge fan of buyback style autos as long as they feature on card autos. For a very long time, the Donruss Recollection Collection made some major waves with collectors, offering just that type of card. Now that 2014 Donruss is out for the first time in close to a decade, these cards are making a return. Although I think the rest of the product is so hideous that I cant put it into words, the on card Recollection cards are amazing as they once were.

Here are some of the originals:

2002 Donruss Recollection Collection Kirby Puckett Auto Buyback

2001 Donruss Recollection Collection Wade Boggs RC Auto Buyback

2003 Donruss Recollection Collection Johnny Bench Auto Buyback

Here are the new ones:

2014 Donruss Recollection Collection Jose Canseco RC Auto

2014 Donruss Recollection Collection Tony Gwynn Auto

Adding on to the retro style cards, they have also included hard signed Diamond Kings cards, done in the style of the iconic older set. So far, the cards look as good as ever, bringing a nostalgic element to a product that is birthed from a different era.

Check them out:

2014 Donruss Diamond Kings Chris Davis Auto Boxtopper

2014 Donruss Diamond Kings Chris Sale Auto Boxtopper

I cant say much for the rest of the set, but I absolutely love this style of card. Because products like Topps and Donruss have such a rich heritage with the hobby, I don’t understand why stuff like this isn’t done more often. More recently, we have seen products like Leaf Memories take advantage of the collector’s need to relive the past, but nothing like we could see if the companies actually made these types of things a priority.

Over the last 5-10 years, as stickers have become a commonplace occurrence in the hobby, PSA slabbed signed cards from 1970 and beyond have become a hot commodity, even more so if they are rookie cards. It only goes to show how much the marriage of autographs and nostalgia is something that can drive a bus through the base of people that collect.

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