2014 Heritage: Non Hit Cards Take Center Stage

I posted earlier on the release of 2014 Topps Heritage, and like last year, I am shocked at how much some of the cards are selling for. Even more shocking is that these cards are not the normal variety anyone would expect in today’s hobby. Its become clear that Heritage has a cult following that may only come out once a year, and they are coming out in droves for a heritage year that everyone is fond of. There are autograph cards in the set, but the value in these cards isnt close to where we are seeing for other programs. Only a few are really worth the price of admission.

Heritage Chrome Parallels

First, let me say how glad I am that there are cards of this sort that are worth this kind of money at release. In the last 10 years, there are so few non-auto non-memorabilia cards that carry value in the hobby, but when you see how much interest the parallels are drawing, it might show hope after all. This is a set in a vacuum however, but there are similar situations that exist. I hope we can see more in the future.

2014 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Gold Refractor 5/5

2014 Topps Heritage Derek Jeter Gold Refractor 5/5

2014 Topps Heritage Stephen Strasburg Black Refractor /65

2014 Topps Heritage Manny Machado Black Refractor /65

Heritage Gold Embossed All Stars

I mentioned before how much I think these cards are horrible, and I still feel that way. Despite my feelings, they are selling at prices I never would have expected, especially considering how rare they are. Some people were saying there are less than 15 per card in existence, and they might not be that far off. They come in autograph and relic versions as well, but they arent worth as much. Talk about a deviation from normal protocol!

2014 Topps Heritage Yasiel Puig Gold Embossed

2014 Topps Heritage Justin Verlander Gold Embossed

Coins and Stamp cards

This type of card is interesting, but is not something I have anywhere close to my wish list. The cards feature items from 1965, embedded in the window of the cards with a player adjacent. The numismatists out there who are also card collectors must drive the market, as the cards sell quite well.

2014 Topps Heritage Felix Hernandez 1965 Dime Mint

2014 Topps Heritage Ernie Banks 1965 Churchill Stamp

Throwback Uniform Variations

Remember last year when these cards broke the 1K barrier on the rarer varieties? Well Topps obviously took notice and put out quite a few of them for different players. They arent selling near where they did last year, even though many of them are still quite scarce. Im interested to find out how many there really are.

2014 Topps Heritage Derek Jeter Throwback Uniform SSP

2014 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Throwback Uniform SSP

Again, Topps Heritage is not my bag and I dont really care to go buy a bunch of packs any time soon. However, this is the type of set that Topps must love, because the cost is minimal and the most valuable cards dont have autographs. That’s a winner.

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