2014 NFL Draft – Round 1 Winners and Losers

Now that day one of the draft is over, I feel as though we have quite a bit clearer of a picture as to how the 2014 card year is going to shake out. Already with 3 QBs and 5 WR taken in round one, we have a better outlook for skill position players, and that is a very good thing. Here is my take on last night.

Johnny Manziel – Winner

Most people would say that the fact Manziel dropped to 22 was a bad thing, I actually think it likely helped his exposure, as the entire night was spent talking about how much of a big deal he was. In my opinion, he is one of the most overblown players in the draft for a while, but you cant argue with popularity. He will be popular in 2014 among collectors, and Cleveland actually has some hardcore fans out there. We should all be happy its not Jacksonville, but a bit sad he didn’t end up in Dallas.

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Blake Bortles – Loser

It should be painfully obvious that Bortles is not walking into a great position in Jacksonville, and even more of an issue in terms of his collectability in the barren wasteland of value. I would easily say that the Jaguars are the least collected team in the league, and the fact that the top QB went that direction is bad news. It doesn’t help that they have no weapons with Blackmon likely missing another year, and that could not be a worse situation for a new guy.

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Teddy Bridgewater – Winner

This could actually be a very good situation for Minnesota, as they didn’t have to draft him at 8 (lessening the pressure), but they also traded up to get him. Vikings fans are RABID in collecting their guys, and Bridgewater just became a very hot commodity around the hobby. The fact that he was also a first rounder is a big deal, even if it was the last pick. You just want that title on your resume regardless. He may not be the next Andrew Luck, but he will play and likely be moderately successful. It may take a year, which will be good for my wallet.

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Buffalo Bills – Loser

Did they get a top WR in the draft? Yes, no doubt about it. Did they get completely raped in the trade to get him? Check and check. Watkins is a top guy, but to give up next year’s one is crazy talk to move up less than 10 picks. Watkins is awesome, but that type of decision can haunt a guy for his entire career. Look at what the Rams are doing with all the picks they got for RGIII. Ghosts of that trade linger in Washington.

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Running Backs – Loser

Another year without a first round back taken, and it may continue into round 3, which is insanity. This only goes to show what happens to Running Backs not named Peterson, and I am beyond sad that is the case. Carlos Hyde is probably the top guy in the class, but Tre Mason is a big name to contend with. You never know what might happen.

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Ill have more coverage on rounds 2 and 3 tomorrow – stay tuned for draft news all weekend long.

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  1. Are you sure “raped” is a word you want to use to describe a trade during the NFL Draft? =

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