2014 NFL Draft – Top Prospects’ Best / Worst Case Scenario

I am a draft addict. I am so enthralled with the NFL draft that I start paying attention even before the previous season has entered the playoffs. I just love the way it works, and its always fun to speculate. This year’s class has some star power that we didn’t see at all last year, and that is going to mean that there is more riding on this class for the hobby than normal. Im going to go through the stars I see, and how I hope it shakes out.

Johnny Manziel – QB

Manziel is a big deal in the course of the first few unlicensed releases of the year, even with all the questions surrounding his ability to be effective in the NFL. This should come as no shock, especially considering he won the Heisman as a freshman. There are a ton of teams that need QBs, and we are getting smoke screens all over the place. I just hope he lands in a spot with some hobby following to make a splash.

Best Case Scenario – Dallas Cowboys
Worst Case Scenario – Jacksonville Jaguars

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Blake Bortles – QB

Bortles on the other hand, has much less star power, but its pretty clear that he is one of the top QB in the draft, and will likely come off the board very early on. He has already gained some traction among collectors, but has a long way to go to catch Manziel. If he can land with a team that has some pieces on offense already, that could be a great situation. If he doesn’t get drafted tomorrow, its possible his hobby stock could take a huge hit.

Best Case Scenario – Minnesota Vikings
Worst Case Scenario – Not a first round selection

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Sammy Watkins – WR

Its very obvious that he is one of the only elite receiver prospects in the draft, but the class is deep enough behind him that he could end up with some major competition for best rookie WR come the end of next season. As many teams that need help at QB up top, there are just as many that need help at WR. He may not have the combine measurables that separate him like others have, but he looks like he will be a top guy.

Best Case Scenario – Detroit Lions
Worst Case Scenario – Jacksonville Jaguars

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Jadeveon Clowney – DE

Rare talent trumps just about anything in the draft, even though there probably should be a lot more attention paid to work ethic. Clowney may have shown his true colors last year, but it is being written off because of his status as the future top pick looming over him. Who knows. Regardless of how his on field display is measured, he will likely be the top pick in the draft. He will also be one of the only defensive players to have true hobby value all year. That’s the true rarity – popularity among collectors and a defensive position on the field.

Best Case Scenario – Houston Texans
Worst Case Scenario – Not going in top 5 picks

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Teddy Bridgewater – QB

A year ago, we were drooling over Bridgewater as a potential top pick in the draft. As of now, that sentiment has all but faded completely. Its sad really, because Teddy really looked like he was the guy before falling on his face at his pro day. I don’t really understand how that one poor performance can affect him so drastically, but it has. Hobby wise, his value has been relatively consistent since March, but that could change quickly.

Best Case Scenario – First Round Pick
Worst Case Scenario – Third Round Pick

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There is also little doubt that guys like Derek Carr, Zach Mettenberger and sleepers like Jimmy Garropolo will have hobby impact too, but it all depends on tomorrow. I will be watching with baited breath, and I sincerely hope everything goes as well as it looks. I wish the first and second rounds happened all on one day, but you know how the NFL works. This is our year – lets all pray that Jacksonville picks defense or offensive line again. Talk about a disaster in waiting.

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