2014 NFL Playoffs: Underrated Players Continue to Shine

Here is the thing about the playoffs. Everyone automatically receives a ton of value just for playing well. So, with that, there are a lot of underrated players in value that will be worth taking a look even after being eliminated. The post season just does a lot of weird things to people’s perception of what they should buy. Here are some of my top guys.

Demarco Murray

There is no more underrated hobby player right now than him, if not only because he plays for a widely collected team and is the best at his position. Scary to think that the RB position is so dead that there is this much of a gap. QBs who play even remotely well get enormous value as long as they have a good public image or fame. Murray gets none of this. Tony Romo goes through a lot of the same issues because of his reputation, which is similarly odd. Even though the Cowboys were eliminated, Murray had a great game, and should get a lot more consideration.

2013 Elite Passing the Torch Demarco Murray / Emmitt Smith Dual Auto

2011 Topps Five Star DeMarco Murray Auto RC

2011 National Treasures DeMarco Murray Auto Patch Logo /49

TY Hilton

More non-QBs getting killed on the open market because collectors dont care. Hilton put up some monster games this year, including some on national TV, and still has no one that will pay anything for his cards. Its really starting to surprise me, as he is easily the only other Colts player worth collecting right now.

2012 National Treasures TY Hilton Auto RC

2012 Topps Strata TY Hilton Auto Clear Cut Relic

2012 Topps Five Star TY Hilton Auto RC

Joe Flacco

For a QB that won a ring, he is beyond underrated. The issue is that he might have one of the most vanilla personas of all the top QBs in the league, which is why no one cares to buy his cards. He played very well, despite late picks, and very few people that even thought twice of considering him among even the better players available to collect. Beware with everything Flacco, as 2008 was the year that had the most issues with fake patches.

2008 Upper Deck Exquisite Joe Flacco Auto Patch RC

2014 Flawless Joe Flacco Auto Jumbo PAtch

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic Joe Flacco Auto Rookie Patch

Demaryius Thomas

I am continually baffled by how few people collect receivers, as said above, as they are usually some of the more dynamic players on the field. Demaryius Thomas is a TOP reciever and plays for a top team, but still loses hobby value because he isnt Dez Bryant and isnt a QB. I think he deserves more credit.

2010 Panini Contenders Demaryius Thomas Auto TIcket BGS 9.5

2014 Absolute Demaryius Thomas Auto Relic Tools of the Trade

2010 Topps Five Star Demaryius Thomas Auto Rookie Patch

CJ Anderson

I think that there hasnt been many players that have played the way he has coming down the stretch. He is either first or tied for first in just about every category that matters. He really should have more value as he could be one of the top RBs left in the playoffs come the end of today.

2013 National Treasures CJ Anderson Auto RC /49

2013 Contenders CJ Anderson Auto Ticket RC

2013 Black CJ Anderson Auto RC Base

As the playoffs continue, especially as we get closer to the Super Bowl, many more things will change. Only goes to show how important these games really are.

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