2014 Prestige Football – Is The Joke On US?

Just when you think Panini cant make any more stupid decision, we get a gallery like we did today for Prestige. Although the set has become at least part of the conversation since 2012 when they started using NFL jersey pics, this year’s makes me wonder if someone is asleep at the wheel.

First let me start off by saying that I am disgusted by the fact that we have to endure another set that has these stupid airbrushed sideline pictures from Score.

Here is 2014 Score:

2014 Score Sammy Watkins RC Auto

2014 Score Mike Evans RC Auto

2014 Score Jadeveon Clowney Auto RC

Here is 2014 Prestige:

Score series 2 is bad enough, as the examples from the QC gallery look awful. Just plain awful. I now know why they havent previewed it until a week before. Then, to see that they were able to use NFL Rookie Premiere shots for a good portion of the set, only serves to make me question what the fuck they were thinking with Prestige this year? If you can use the premiere shots with actual NFL photography, why use the Score shit again?

Did they honestly believe that we would be okay with their lazy decision to use the Score pics again? If they used the retouched NFL uniform pics instead, that would be one thing, but instead we get the barf worthy geek shots they chose for two of the worst products of the year? Cmon. Great move for your first post-premiere set, right? With Elite coming two weeks after this, there is literally ZERO reason for Prestige to exist in this form. Its insulting.

Now, that being said, there are some really cool looking cards in this set. The on card stuff from the premiere looks about as improved as it can get over the ones from 2013. I like the design and I like the way they turned out.

I also love the Draft Picks rights cards, as they remind me of the 2012 Tools of the Trade set that was one of my favorite for Panini all year.

If decisions are going to be made, I sincerely hope they consider that cutting corners for the sake of cost is not worth the lack of quality we get. I know sales reflect that for the end user, otherwise programs like Father’s Day wouldnt need to exist to clear stock from the shelves of Distributors drowning in unsold Panini horse crap. People always ask me why I hate Panini, its because of shit they pull like this. Just a complete joke.

Here are the rest of the preview:

3 thoughts on “2014 Prestige Football – Is The Joke On US?

  1. Agree 100%.

    My sales of Panini football products have been decreasing every year… wonder why?

  2. What a waste of a license. Competition is a beautiful thing for consumers. In my dream world Upper Deck, Topps, Leaf, and Press Pass would all have NFL licenses. But no, we get Panini and then have to rely on Topps to pick up the slack.

  3. Isnt Panini just making most of their NFL cards for Target and Wal Mart now anyway?

    When everything is foil, stickers and air brushed college shots again and again thats what it seems like. Not to mention the company, product and insert name taking up minimum 40% of the card front its no wonder they only show players from the waist up…

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