2014 Quantum: HUGE Draft Day Contest Thanks to Upper Deck!

Upper Deck and high end have always been synonymous in the past, and from the early looks we gotten in the upcoming release of 2013 UD Quantum Football, the design of the product is right up there as usual.

I am a big fan of the way these cards look, and though it is another high end product for a lackluster 2013 class, at least it looks awesome. SPA and SPX both looked quite awesome in other sets they have released this year, and I think the trend continues here with Quantum. The acetate signature patches are some of the better looking autographs I have seen this year, and that is no joke. I really like the way they signature floats over the patch. This type of approach was done prior in hockey, to which I really thought it was cool back then too.

Adding in some high end rookies from 2014 is a pretty good thing as well, there is an extra pack where each box has at least one. If you remember how well these have sold out of Exquisite, that should give you a clue that these can be pretty valuable. Although I do think the high end price tag is not something I would be able to stomach at this point in the season, I cant argue with the sweet design.


As part of their 25th Anniversary, they were gracious enough to send a box to me to give away on the site to a lucky reader, and all you have to do is post a comment here on the site.

For your entry – make sure your email address you enter into the form is the one I can best contact you at, and in your comment explain which of the 2014 rookies you expect to have the biggest impact, or which of the 2014 rookies you are going to collect and why.

One winners will be randomly chosen next week from the list of comments – and they will receive the box sent for their opening pleasure courtesy of Upper Deck. The deadline for entry will be this coming Sunday at midnight – and cards will be sent to the winner the following Monday.

I will have other ways for you to enter the contest if you follow me on twitter @SCUncensored – where you can score some extra entries. Ill also have a lot of coverage on the draft over the next few days, SO STAY TUNED!

Thanks again to Upper Deck for this opportunity for the readers of this site.

All comments from below were entered into a random drawing with the winner receiving the box of 2013 Quantum – congratulations to Bernard, who is a fan of Johnny Manziel this year. Your box will be mailed out as soon as you can get me your address in response to the email I just sent your way. I will be including an Upper Deck 25th Anniversary T-Shirt that was also provided as well. Congrats again!

75 thoughts on “2014 Quantum: HUGE Draft Day Contest Thanks to Upper Deck!

  1. Sweet!
    Despite the hate that he is getting I see Bridgewater being a huge player and winning the ROY, probably for the Texans.

  2. Can’t wait for the draft! I really think that Mike Evans will have the biggest impact at least as a rookie. As for who I will collect-I gotta wait to see where everyone lands but I’m thinking Bortles or Bridgewater will end up with the best careers in this class. Thanks for the contest!

  3. Tertance West, RB, Towson. My Alma Mater’s first offensive weapon in the last 25 years.

  4. This is a no brainer…..SAMMY WATKINS. Having watched every game he’s played, and every catch he’s made, and every touchdown he’s scored, i knew from day one he’d be special. His first touch as a true freshman was a TD versus defending national champion Auburn. He runs precise routes, is super smart to recognize coverages and exploit them, speed is uncanny with sub 4.3 40 times, and he has the hands the size of the state of texas. He won’t be a work your way into playing time type of guy, he’s a program difference maker, and starting WR day one, all as JUNIOR coming out of college, CLEMSON.

  5. I kinda agree with you here. I like how this product looks, but the price point scares the living crap out of me. $80-100 per hit is … beyond gambling, IMO. At least UD is trying a new concept though, somewhat.

  6. Clowney should have the biggest impact as I see the least amount of flaws in his game. Also, if he plays on the same line as J.J. Watt, that’s gonna help haha.

    I do expect a lot of other guys to end up being really good pros, if not great ones (Manziel, Bridgewater).

  7. I mainly stick to Redskins players in football, but this draft will make opening boxes a lot of fun in 2015. Usually I use decent pulls to upgrade my Redskins collection, but if I get a Clowney or Mack this year, I may just hold onto it. How often are there multiple DEFENSIVE guys that are actually interesting to chase and collect?

  8. Awesome cards and awesome contest! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Blake Bortles will have the biggest impact, because I think he is the best QB in the draft and will most likely go to a team that will plug him in right away.

  10. I think Johnny manziel will have the biggest impact. He just makes plays no matter what. Say what u will about him but he makes things happen on the field. And I’m going to collect whoever the bikes get in the draft!

  11. Johnny Manziel is going to make a huge impact. The hobby needs some better rookies to collect after last year.

  12. I think Carlos Hyde from Ohio State is going to be a big impact player in the NFL and I am going to be collecting him and Tre Mason from Auburn. Hyde has power and speed and could be a franchise running back for years to come. Even though running backs have been devalued in recent years in the NFL they are still fun to collect, with star running backs still commanding premium prices over time!

  13. Manziel might not have the greatest on-field impact, but he’ll have the greatest hobby impact. He’s one of the more hyped prospects in recent history, which should have an amplified effect given last year’s weak class.

  14. I think Teddy Bridgewater will have the biggest impact. He seem to be an NFL ready QB that might be slipping too low in the draft.

  15. I think that Clowney will probably be the best draft overall. But I think the player that will have the biggest impact on the game is A.J. Mcarron. I think he will probably be the BEST QB in the long term. I think that he will definitely become a franchise QB. He could be a QB that could really turn a team around. I think that he is WAY underrated and will be he biggest surprise!

  16. Biggest impact with be Bortles. Going to collect Kalil Mack because he is from UB and it is so much easier (ie cheaper) to collect defensive players.

  17. Great looking product…I’m going with manziel in the first spot…thx for the giveaway

  18. Darqueze Dennard!!! 1st…He is coming from MSU!! #Spartans4LIFE!!! 2. I think he has the def abilities that will allow him to shine in the NFL! 3. CBs in the NFL are a highly prized position…ex. Revis and a more. 4. HE IS FROM MSU!!!! #GoGreen!!!

  19. I think Calvin Pryor will have an immediate impact and i am looking forward to collecting him and Louis nix

  20. Hello and thanks for the contest. I think Manzel will make the biggest impact because he is already a dig player in the hobby and he has not played a pro game yet. I think he will start for whoever drafts him and create hysteria for his cards and collectibles.

  21. Ebron will have a strong year. I think he could easily be offensive rookie of the year if in the right system (such as the Ravens or Steelers). There are a lot of other standout rookies but mark my words, Ebron will not only be a fantasy star but a pro bowler.

  22. I will be collecting Sammy Watkins cards because i’m a die hard Clemson fan and he is the best WR I have ever saw come out of Clemson and I thik by the end of his NFL Career he will be heading to the Hall Of Fame!! I got ALOT of faith in Sammy and will have ALOT of money in his cards by the time its over!!

  23. I’ll be collecting Eric Ebron. He is going to be an impact player & I’ll be collecting him for that fact & the fact that he comes from UNC!

  24. I will be collecting items from the 6 time world champ Pittsburgh Steelers…really hoping they get a top flight corner like Justin Gilbert…I think Teddy Bridgewater will make the biggest impact probably going to Houston second round

  25. I have watched Khalil Mack play in college here in Buffalo and I am ready for the NFL to see the type of player they will be getting. I will be even happier if the Buffalo Bills get him to help shore up their weak linebacking depth.

  26. I am very excited about this 2014 draft class! A lot of talent with qb and rb and wr. I think Johnny Manziel and Carlos Hyde will be the biggest impact this year and highly collectable as well! This will be a fun year to open up products and collect! Quantum looks very nice from what I’ve seen so far! #cant wait

  27. I’m looking at Blake Bortles to come into a situation to resurrect a franchise. He’s got all the tools to get it done. I hope he goes to Tennessee at #11.
    I would love to get this box. I live on a small island in the pacific and have only 3000 people here. No hobby/card shops close by.

  28. Not a Vanderbilt fan by any stretch, but Jordan Matthews can be a go-to receiver early. Could be a real steal in the draft.

  29. Draft day is the best. UD finally releasing a great product on draft day!!! My gut this year will be Derek Carr. I watched him at Fresno State and he’s got one of the best arms in this years draft!!! Who knows he may even go to the Vikings!!!

  30. They’ve been my favorite college team since childhood, so I’ll be collecting cards of the UCLA rookie class – Anthony Barr and Xavier Su’a-Filo are at the top of my list.

  31. Now that the Giants have drafted, I’ll say Odell Beckham will have the biggest impact. Sure, it’s a big homer pick but it also has some legitimacy–the Giants have a chance for a bounce-back season. They’ve bolstered their secondary & offensive line so I think they have a good chance to make the playoffs. Beckham could have a big impact, especially in the back half of the season when he’s comfortable in the offense.

  32. I have a strong feeling that Mike Evans will be a stud. I love the way he plays, will hopefully pick up a card of his or two.

  33. I think Teddy Bridgewater will have the biggest impact. He seems like an NFL ready QB and has great character.

  34. I’m going with Johnny Football for impact and who I’ll be collecting. A brown, who’d figure. 2014 > 2013.

  35. I will be collecting Dri Archer. He has incredible speed and power for a wide receiver and I’m hoping Seattle can land him. He’d be a great addition to any team’s receiving arsenal. Thanks for the contest!

  36. Awesome cards! I am so glad Browns trade up and took Manziel before my Chiefs made their pick!

  37. I think the impact player of the ’14 draft (at least for this coming season) will be Brandin Cooks. He’s a talented wide-receiver with Drew Brees as his QB. Lots of TDs in his near future.

    But, I’ll be picking up Teddy Bridgewater cards (and an Anthony Barr or two) because I’m a Vikings fan 🙂

  38. Thanks Upper Deck for the free box!! I think Johnny Manziel will be one of the better players from this draft. I like Clowney and Mack too. I will open a few boxes this year looking for a Manziel auto. He has a great autograph. I will also collect who ever the 49ers draft!!

  39. I will collect HaHa cards since I love his first name! And I also like Sammy Watkins he’s a gem and will get a lot of touchdowns next year!

  40. Thanks Upper Deck and thanks Adam! Being a huge Broncos fan I’m very interested in what Friday’s draft will bring. I’d love to see another top tier running back to complement Ball and some more great defensive players that will make our team more balanced. With this probably being the last year that Manning will play the pressure is on to get back to the Super Bowl. If this draft gives them that final piece or pieces to the puzzle to make that happen I know a lot of people here in Denver that will be very happy!

  41. Kelvin Benjamin will have a huge impact on the panthers. Give Cam a BIG threat at WR that will work to help open up their offense. Sleeper, but could be a huge year for this young man!

  42. I’m looking forward to collecting Derek Carr. Huge Texans fan and was always a fan (and collector) of his brother so looking forward to adding another Carr to the collection. I’m hoping that the Texans call his name on Day 1 of Round 2, because I think he can have a big impact on the team and take advantage of the things that his brother never had such as a dominant D to take some of the pressure off, an actual offensive line to protect him and WRs that can catch!

  43. Thanks for the great contest! I think Brandin Cooks is going to have the biggest impact when he gets in the Saints offense. As far as collecting, I’m looking for Aaron Murray and other Georgia players.

  44. I’ll be collecting Blake Bortles: the best QB in the draft going to a top-notch building franchise. He might not play right away, but long term he’ll be the best from this draft class.

  45. I think mike Evans will be a star from this draft. He has all the ability to make plays down field and give Tampa a a true threat.

  46. I realized that I didn’t exactly follow the directions. I’ll be collecting the Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater this year. I’ll also be collecting any running backs that Denver chooses to draft this year.

  47. I’m buying Teddy Bridgewater rookies all day…. i like his prospects to excel…

  48. I hope to chase cards of Trey Wolfe from Fort Valley State. He is a very undervalued player with a great background story. Will be a steal for whoever drafts him.
    I also can’t wait to chase the Topps Chrome Football Autos this year.

  49. All in on Manziel this year. Love your site, thanks for the contest!

  50. I’ll be collecting Donte Moncrief now that he’s a Colt 🙂 I hope I can get an auto!

  51. Awesome contest. Love those beautiful UD photos in those crazy college uniforms. I look for Cooks in New Orleans, Adams in Green Bay and Matthews in Philly to have quick impacts.

  52. I only collect offensive players I draft in fantasy football. So probably gonna draft Bridgewater, Tre Mason, and Watkins. I’ll aim for those players and whoever else in the new Upper Deck sets

  53. Thanks for the great promo! I’ll be on the lookout for Garoppolo cards this year. The odds of him becoming the next Brady are slim to none, but with the right development and support he can become a very respectable top tier QB down the road. Thanks again.

  54. benjamin would be the one i collect since he was drafted by carolina

  55. Go NINERS!! Let’s make that ‘quantum’ leap to a sixth Super Bowl championship!

  56. Mr. Benjamin of the Panthers. Nobody can replace Steve Smith but I hope he can because they need someone. I also find it interesting that his replacement his foot taller than him.

  57. Manziel will be huge for the Browns.. will definitely make them more fun to watch.

  58. As a Bengal fan I will be collecting AJ McCarron and Jeremy Hill autos. Hill will have an immediate impact sa change of pace back coupled with Giovani Bernard shifty run style. AJ has the opportunity to learn the offense, can push Dalton,and is a viable option at QB. the biggest impact I believe by a player will be Sammy Watkins not only because of his ability but I truly believe Robert Woods will have an outstanding season because teams will have to pay more attention to watch him on the other side of the field. It may very well get Buffalo over the hump

  59. Loving these cards! How about Daaaaaa Bears draft!?!? Our D WILL rise again!

  60. Jadeveon Clowney will have the biggest impact. He is going into the best situation with the Texans defense. One player I will collect is Derek Carr, I think he has the most upside of all the QB’s drafted. Thanks for the contest to both you & Upper Deck!

  61. There is so much hype around Johnny Football. I’m very curious to see if he lives up to expectations or not. Only time will tell.

  62. I love the college logos since I live in Iowa and our 1 pro team is the Iowa Hawkeyes, LOL! The college team patch cards were sweet for the Hawkeyes this year. I wish UD would of had a Hawkeye for the book stadium autos in UD Black basketball! Anyway, the new Quantum looks amazing and UD has the best looking cards bar none! Please make a Nile Kinnick relic or cut auto soon!

  63. Got to go with Johnny Football. All the fans in Cleveland are crazy over him. Having big hands beside the lake in bad weather will help him greatly. Get ready dog pound.

  64. Since I am a lifetime Packers fan, I plan to collect Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. I would not be surprised if Ha Ha and Khalil Mack are the rookies who make the biggest impact on the defense side.

  65. All of the quarterbacks in this draft I will collect 🙂 even the ones in the later rounds because they have cool cards 🙂

  66. Shazier will be marching into canton soon enough. I think he’s the perfect fit for the Steelers. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s in the Pro Bowl this season! Great talent on a historically good D.

  67. David Yankey was a steal for Vikings at #145! He going to be good since i saw on tv they said that he shoulda gone round 3!

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