2014 SPX Football Preview Tries to Build With Big Rookies

When you look at it 2014 has already been a relatively big year for Upper Deck, save the interview with Ken Griffey Jr on ESPN. A hockey exclusive, a relatively strong class of rookies in football that come from popular schools, etc. Although I don’t think SPX will end up being on their list of resounding victories come the end of the year, it looks like they are trying to build nicely on what it has become.

Rookie Jumbo Relic Autos

Aside from the unacceptable use of silk screened relics from cheap bookstore jerseys in their cards, the rookie jumbo relic autos have looked VERY nice these last few years. Another card that uses the rectangular 1X2 swatch that I love so much, the design looks well composed per usual UD standards. I think they look better this year than they did last year, although a stronger class will do more than any look could ever do. It also looks like these might be on card for the first time, which is great to see, especially because UD has such an advantage of not having to wait for the draft to produce the cards.

Last year:

2013 SPX Eddie Lacy Auto Jumbo Relic /175

2013 SPX EJ Manuel Jumbo Jersey Auto /475

2013 SPX Matt Barkley Jumbo Jersey Auto /475

This year:

2014-SPx-Football3 2014-SPx-Football2

UD Premier Quad Relic Autos

I have never been a fan of Premier when it was a standalone product, but these singular cards are nice. The fact that the numbers add an element of busy texture to the card isn’t attractive, but overall, its nice. They really haven’t changed much over the last few years, and collectors still aren’t sure where they fit, to be completely honest. As an extra hit in the box, its worth adding to the product.

Last Year:

2013 SPX Barry Sanders Retro UD Premier Auto Quad Relic

2013 SPX Le’Veon Bell UD Premier Auto Quad Relic

This year:


Hologram Cards / other cards

These are some of my favorites from back when I was a kid, and I am glad to see they are back for another year. The nostalgic element of these cards will drive them, although I wish the autos weren’t as rare. The holoview diecuts were the pinnacle of my childhood collection, and to see them done this way with current guys brings the memories flooding back.

Last year:

2013 SPX Jim Kelly Holoview Die Cut Insert

2013 SPX John Elway Holoview Die Cut Insert

This year:

2014-SPx-Football5 2014-SPx-Football62014-SPx-Football1

Like I said above, SPX wont wow the pants off anyone the way Exquisite can. Its still looks like some nice improvements are going to be made.

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