2014 Topps Baseball’s New Content Aims to Impress

Now that 2014 Topps has been live for a while, I think there are some VERY cool parts of the set that are coming to light. Topps has added quite a few new things to the product that look to be awesome, and are doing quite well on the secondary market. Some are a bit more costly than others, but its going to be interesting how this shakes out.

Mystery Redemptions

Over the last few years, these cards have been revealed as guys like Puig and Cespedes, who havent had many other cards on the market. Its likely that one of these will be new Yankees Japanese Import Masahiro Tanaka, but there are no guarantees. Because of that chance, prices are absolutely ridiculous.

2014 Topps Mystery Redemption #1

2014 Topps Mystery Redemption #2

Clear Cut Base Parallels

I am very happy to see more acetate style cards, even though these are only out of 10. They look awesome, and set collectors are going nuts trying to get all of them. I can only wish that there would be autograph parallels in the future, but it doesnt look like that will be the case for now.

2014 Topps Bryce Harper Clear Cut Base Card /10

2014 Topps Mariano Rivera Clear Cut Base Card /10

Metal Frame Rookie Cards

For the people that have been a fan of Museum collection, the metal frame cards are familiar to you. Topps brought back these types of cards as framed rookie cards out of 25, and they look really awesome as a completed product. Again, one can only wish for autograph versions.

2014 Topps Mike Trout Metal Frame Rookie Card /25

2014 Topps Ken Griffey Jr Metal Frame Rookie Card /25

Trophy, Ring and Rookie Cup Cards

If you ever want to see one of the thickest cards ever made, these have to be on the list. I think they turned out really cool and the little plastic rookie cup is a definite evolution of the ever iconic logo from the earlier Topps sets released when I was young. There are autographed versions too, and if I had some targets I would definitely chase some of these down.

2014 Topps Mike Trout Rookie Class Ring Auto

2014 Topps Ken Griffey Jr All Rookie Cup Trophy Card

Topps Strata Signature Relics

These are by far my favorite cards in the product, as mentioned before, but I just want to highlight them for third time on my site with the hopes that Topps will bring them back for other releases.

2014 Topps Paul Goldschmidt Strata Signature Relic /25

2014 Topps Manny Machado Strata Signature Relic /25

As you all know, I am not really a baseball collector, but cards like this are the types of things that keep me interested in the sport I have really left behind for football.