2014 Topps Football: In Depth Preview

Im interested to see how the first few products of 2014 start off, now that football has such a change in their off season calendar. The first victims of this new schedule will likely be sets like 2014 Topps Football, which is one of my favorites of the year. After seeing the design released a few weeks ago, we are now getting the full solicitation, which is looking MUCH improved over 2013.

Rookie Premiere Autos

These are a set of same day signed cards that has a long standing history with collectors. They have been around for over a decade, and for the first time in a very long time, they may be gone. Quick history lesson – back in 2012, the players started skipping photo sessions which led to a lot of issues in creating the cards. It was worse than ever in 2013. It looks like Topps is going to an inception style retouched photo with on card auto – something I think will be awesome. However, it does mean this set is likely done after a very controversial history. Not sure how I feel about that.

Last year:

2013 Topps Geno Smith Rookie Premiere Auto /90

2013 Topps Tavon Austin Rookie Premiere Auto /90

This year:


Rookie Autos

I love the base versions of the rookie cards with autographs, as I think it adds a nice little element to the product over the last few years. They tend to be pretty rare, so its even more of a chase for the player collectors. They are back again this year and I think its a VERY good thing that we get these in the initial release with post-premiere photos. As mentioned before, these will have NFL uniforms at release.

Last Year:

2013 Topps Eddie Lacy Base Auto Variation

2013 Topps Geno Smith Base Auto Variation

This year:


Vet Autos

Im so happy these were added last year, even with a smaller checklist. Vet autos are always welcome in the hobby, and to see the base cards get the autograph treatment is awesome. Topps’ base cards are some of the best designed sets of the year, and I am extremely happy we get autographed parallels.

Last Year:

2013 Topps Russell Wilson Variation Auto

2013 Topps Demaryius Thomas Variation Auto

This Year:


Rookie Auto Patches

In 2013, these cards were awesome at the time they were released, especially the jumbo versions of them. I absolutely love the design for this year’s version, which will feature the first relic autos of the new rookie class. Before you ask, these are just mockups that will have regular teams on them come release time.

Last Year:

2013 Topps Cordarrelle Patterson Jumbo Patch Auto /5

2013 Topps Montee Ball Jumbo Patch Auto /5

This Year:


Other cards and Medallions

I think the inserts are VASTLY improved after a horrid year in 2013. I hated almost every single one of the insert sets last year, and I am happy that they have updated the cards with a much better look. The medallion style cards are back too, which I have always liked.

Last year:

2013 Topps Jerry Rice Metal Medallion 1000 Yard Club

2013 Topps Troy Aikman Metal Ring Card

This year:


2 thoughts on “2014 Topps Football: In Depth Preview

  1. Are all of the rookies going to be in their dumb college uniforms??
    Please tell me, because if they are I’m officially done with Topps after 40 years of collecting.

  2. No they are not. These are mockups as stated in the preview – pro uniforms.

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