2014 Topps Platinum Preview is Here!

As with many Topps products that were launched in the 2008-2009 timeframe, Platinum started off as a design disaster. Since that time, including a banner year in 2012, it has become one of my favorite releases of the early card season. Last year, Platinum was a great product that had a ton of reasons to buy in, and this year, its looking that much better.

Rookie Autos

I was shocked to see that Platinum was the first product of the year to feature on card autos of the rookies in their NFL uniforms. That is crazy awesome, considering that the cards are on Chrome stock which is notoriously laborious to get done in a reasonable timeframe. Talk about a logistics win for Topps, and the cards were well worth the effort.

This year, the cards look vastly improved in terms of the design, very much more similar to 2011 and 2012. I really like the open area in the back to focus more on the highlighted player and the shape of the nameplates. Very well-conceived and executed.

Here is 2013:

2013 Topps Platinum Eddie Lacy Gold Refractor Auto

2013 Topps Platinum Geno Smith Auto Camo Refractor

2013 Topps Platinum Montee Ball Auto RC

Here is 2014:


Rookie Auto Patch

I think 2011 is the benchmark for Topps Platinum, but these could be a challenger. Very sci-fi type of look that reminds me a lot of designs we would see in products like SPX back in the day. Although swatch size looks to have shrunk a bit (not a big deal), I really think the overall look is a nice improvement over 2013.

Here is 2013:

2013 Topps Platinum EJ Manuel Auto Patch Logo 1/1

2013 Topps Platinum Geno Smith Purple Refractor Auto Patch

2013 Topps Platinum Mike Glennon Rookie Auto Patch

Here is 2014:


Vet Auto Patch

Topps has become a company that is very cautious about adding veteran autograph relics early on in the season. Many of the players from Base Topps and Topps Finest will repeat in platinum with a different design, which I really despise. I would love to see more vets added to the checklist each year, and I think it’s a mistake to let Panini run train on them through the pre-season when it comes to vet checklist quality. Although Topps regularly outperforms Panini in just about every aspect of the rookie crop to start the year, veterans are a weak spot. Not good.

That being said, I think this design has serious potential on Chrome stock. Although the mockup makes it seem like that White box will be pronounced, its likely that it wont show as clearly in the finished product. If it does, the design drops significantly in quality for me, but Ill have to reserve judgment.

Here is 2013:

2013 Topps Platinum Andrew Luck Auto Patch Gold Refractor

2013 Topps Platinum Doug Martin Auto Patch

Here is 2014:


Dual Auto Patch

In my opinion, Topps is absolutely horrible at Multi Signed Cards outside of a few examples from Five Star and Museum Collection. Too much emphasis is placed on building design elements around the sticker autos and not enough is placed around the players featured on the card. Instead of a side by side presentation with large player photos, they are forced to the side in penny sized examples each and every year. Set after set looks like this and I hate every second of it. Although last year was a departure, it was still basically the same concept.

In some better news, looks like Bortles and Bridgewater are good to go for 2014. No sign of Manziel yet… ruh roh.

Here is 2013:

2013 Topps Platinum Giovani Bernard / Eddie Lacy Auto Dual Patch

2013 Topps Platinum Robert Woods / EJ Manuel Dual Auto Patch

Here is 2014:


I will definitely be chasing the hits of whomever the Vikings decide to draft with this product, and I sincerely hope that very little changes about the format from previous years. This product has become a staple, and I am guessing that there are some major reasons why Topps trots it out again. Collectors are drawn to Superfractors like nobody’s business, and Platinum is prime territory for that type of situation.

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  1. Platinum was one of my favorite products last year. Nice, sharp design and some sweet short printed on-card autos. And you could pick up singles off of eBay for peanuts.

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