2014 Topps Prime Football Preview Adds to Previous Success

Back when 2010 Topps Prime was released, I was unconvinced it had the staying power to be a long term brand for the calendar. After a tremendous year in 2012, and some nice looking examples in 2013, Prime has become better than I could have ever guessed.

Here are some of my favorites:

2012 Topps Prime Jumbo Patch Auto – Andrew Luck

2013 Topps Prime Jumbo Patch Auto Booklet – EJ Manuel

2013 Topps Prime Jumbo Five Patch Auto Booklet – Mike Glennon

2012 Topps Prime Quad Relic Auto – Russell Wilson

This year’s set looks better than any of the previous years have been, especially on the box hit rookie cards that we know will be the main focus of the product. They have taken on a look very much like Topps Supreme, and that is a very good thing. Prime has always been about using all sorts of swatches from the premiere, breaking from the normal jersey relics that are everywhere.

No one can deny that the booklet cards are also a big draw, making a big statement very early in the year. Although booklets are common later on in the season, these are some of the early ones that feature pictures from the premiere. We get some booklets in Inception with the retouched photos, but this is a bit more attractive for people that dont like those airbrushed versions.

As for the base autographs, the design is always cool. To see that Topps is going to be adding people like Favre, from what we are seeing, I think this could be more that just a fun rip. The full bleed design with autographed base cards is always something I will support, and I cant wait to see who is on the checklist this year.

Prime may be lost once the season switches into high end mode to close everything out, but it works as a mid year product. Im a fan.


One thought on “2014 Topps Prime Football Preview Adds to Previous Success

  1. I think that at the price point & time of release, Prime is one of the most fun AND best ROI on the hits of any set during the year. Sure, there isn’t really any value in the base or inserts but the hits seem to sell well.

    I also think the cards with the Pink BC awareness swatches are always some of the most unique cards of the year.

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