2014 Topps Strata Continues to Impress in Year Three

When Topps Strata was first announced in 2012, I was floored by how amazing the cards looked. Aside from an improved version of the Upper Deck layered card style, the acetate overlay with on card autographs were some of the best looking cards around. In 2013, they brought it back with less success, which can almost be 100% attributed to the quality of the rookie class. Topps has even started transferring the concept over to baseball, which has been extremely popular.

Check out these Strata cards for proof of concept:

2012 Topps Strata Russell Wilson Shadowbox Auto Patch

2012 Topps Strata Andrew Luck Clear Cut Auto Patch

2013 Topps Strata EJ Manuel Shadowbox Auto Patch

2013 Topps Strata Giovani Bernard Logo Patch Clear Cut Auto

2013 Topps Strata Keenan Allen Rivet Shadowbox Auto Patch /5

Topps has thankfully decided to bring it back for year three, which I could not be more happy about. This year there are the usual great looking cards, combined with a more robust veteran element from what it looks like. Not only do the cards still possess a unique presentation, but the names are much better this year.

Here is the drawback. Strata has always been about the box hit, and that’s it. If you are someone that opens a ton of boxes, the rest of the cards in the pack usually cant live up to where we normally see typical products go. Its almost like Strata is a 24 pack product with only enough content for a tin.

Being the type of collector that I am, I wish all base cards would be axed in products not named Chrome or Topps Football. Base cards are a worthless expense that appease an ever shrinking number of collectors. This product would be just as good without them, if not better.

Regardless of how I feel about the base, Strata is one of the best singles products on the market in terms of cool factor, and once you see what it is really capable of, its hard to look elsewhere and see all the less than unique offerings from other products. Considering its also a cheap rip, and it gets that much better.

2003_StrataSigs_Bridgewater 3101_ClearCutAutoRelic_Watkins 2241_StrataSigs_Wilson ClearCutDualAutoRelicBook_MOCK

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