2014 Upper Deck Shows Promise for New Rookie Class

Each year when Upper Deck FB is released, we get an even better picture of which of the rookies are the top in the class when it comes to value. This year’s class is so deep, that we are looking to be in for a very nice treat in 2014. Some of the bigger hits are already selling for over 100 bucks, which is VERY good news after last year’s rookie disaster.

Base Auto SPs

There is no doubt about it, with such a big checklist, the top guys will be very tough pulls. When you are looking at players like Bortles and Manziel, the hype is so big right now, that many collectors are just wanting to get in before the draft hurts or helps the card’s stock. Other players like Sammy Watkins and Jadeveon Clowney are also looking great to be top picks. Its really too bad their autos are tough pulls.

2014 Upper Deck Johnny Manziel Auto Base SSP

2014 Upper Deck Sammy Watkins SSP Auto – Love this pic!

2014 Upper Deck Derek Carr SSP Auto

UD Authentics Autos

These cards are easily some of my favorites of the young 2014 card year, and are a retro homage to autograph cards that came out back when hit content in packs were just getting started. Because these cards are hard signed, they should automatically carry larger value than the stickers used on the base. The nostalgia factor will obviously increase things as well.

2014 Upper Deck Johnny Manziel Authentics Auto On Card

2014 Upper Deck Blake Bortles Authentics Auto On Card

Letter Autos

I am NOT a fan of signed fabric, as they never look good and they never stand the test of time. Although it looks like UD used some VERY high quality pens on these, I really wouldnt waste my time with these, but collectors go nuts over trying to spell shit with the ones they can find. One thing to keep in mind – the numbering is for that particular letter, not the whole run. UD looks to have spelled the team name and player name this year, so Johnny Manziel’s letters will be more common than you might expect.

2014 Upper Deck Teddy Bridgewater Letter Auto /15

2014 Upper Deck Teddy Bridgewater Authentics Auto

Non-RC Autos

There is a surprising amount of non-rookie content in this year’s set, as I saw a Rice and a Brees auto pulled yesterday. Although these cards will rarely sell for as much as the licensed stuff once the new pack smell wears off, it is still nice to have them in the product. I can see its hard to find pictures of older guys though.

2014 Upper Deck Joe Namath 1994 Auto Retro Throwback

2014 Upper Deck Earl Campbell 1994 Auto Retro Throwback

With Five Star coming out next week, now is the time to sell. If you are looking to buy a box or two, its a REALLY fun rip.

One thought on “2014 Upper Deck Shows Promise for New Rookie Class

  1. I am so glad that we can finally take the time and enjoy some of the first products released for 2014 football cards. Although collectors are aware that these early products are collegiate (NCAA) and not NFL licensed products, just to have these cards in hand as oppose to 2013 cards is exciting.

    I am overjoyed that the majority of 2013 products are behind us, and I do agree that this years cards are already commanding significant premiums which is a good thing for collectors.

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