2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Super Bowl Ticket Hits Ebay

There has been no bigger product so far this year, and there will likely be only one or two products that have cards that will be worth more than the Contenders tickets that continue to dominate the landscape now that all the superior Topps products have been removed thanks to the exclusive.

The top cards in the product are the Super Bowl ticket 1/1 autos, which are absolutely impossible to valuate in a lot of ways. For the top two guys, one of them has been pulled and it just hit ebay.

2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Super Bowl Ticket Auto 1/1

Because there is no longer a Chrome Superfractor auto to eclipse this sale, this could end up as the top selling card of the year, unless the Treasures shield auto outsells it. This is likely an 8-10k card, and although its a redemption, it looks like Zeke has been signing his stuff as of late. Once the playoffs are over, that will likely continue.

Check out where the big two are landing outside of these:

2016 Contenders Ezekiel Elliott Rookie Ticket Auto Cracked Ice /24

2016 Contenders Dak Prescott Ticket Auto

There arent many cards that I will write a whole post about, but this is definitely one of them. Panini’s trash product lines outside of Contenders have sold above expectations solely because of these two special rookies, and Panini should thank whatever devil they pray to that this class has the two Cowboys to float their garbage. Contenders having a good looking design this year really will set this stuff apart, as people will want one of the few good looking sets for their collection.

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  1. The 2016 panini contenders rookie ticket base card #310 of Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t exist. Does anyone know the story here?

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