2016 Contenders Rookie Ticket Preview Cards are Selling Large

Over the course of the Contenders line, it has always been a set that collectors fawn over. Although I dont think the set deserves the level of collector attention that it consistently gets, I know that any time something has the set name with Contenders in the title, its going to sell. None of this is more clear than when you see just how horrifically awful the sets look in many of the years it has been on the market.

This year’s design isnt great, but it isnt bad either, which is a relief. Its a relief because its going to be used for a number of sets, including a needless college version that will likely be released next year. In what looks like a VERY good move, and one I have suggested before, Panini has inserted preview tickets into the fold. Smartly, they added them to a set that is pretty much a dud, but now looks like a better buy knowing you can pull one of the tickets numbered to less than 25.

Check out the ones already up:

2016 Contenders Preview Dak Prescott Ticket Auto /22

2016 Contenders Preview Ezekiel Elliott Ticket Auto /22

2016 Contenders Preview Carson Wentz Ticket Auto /22

2016 Contenders Preview Jared Goff Ticket Auto /22

We have only seen a few surface, but like previous editions of the preview tickets, they are selling for insane numbers if you pull one of the better guys. Im actually surprised this hasnt been done in previous years recently, as sets like Playbook or Absolute might benefit from a chase like this.

Panini needs to find ways to add value to their products, as its clear that sets like Infinity, Gala, Phoenix, Unparalleled, and other garbage they developed this year are so bad that Blowout is already knocking them down close to 50% and less than cost.

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