A New Way To Combat Fakes?

A few days ago I talked about the fake Peterson logo patch that had been retardedly created from a legit 3 color SPA. Well, that auction was taken down after a few people got together and bid the item up to over $250,000. Oh, so much win.

Now, the item is back up, and so is the bidding. The seller is famed faker shoelessjoejackson Kevin Burge, and I know a lot of people are tired of his multiple accounts and endless stream of fucking stupid fakes. Is this the new way to handle the douchey fakes? I say yes.
Here is a screen shot before it is taken down:

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the scan is so tiny because the card is trimmed. For those of you unfamiliar, Trimming is when the douche cuts off parts of the edges to remove perceived damage. The card looks much better, but is still considered to be much less valuable due to the alterations. Trimming is to bad edges and corners what patch faking is to one color patches, or in this case THREE.

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