About Sports Cards Uncensored

Sports Cards Uncensored was started in March 2008 as a response to the growing issues present in our hobby. Because things like fake patches, fake autos, scams and other insider news were rarely discussed in major hobby news sources, SCU was created to fill that void.

This site has been featured on deadspin, ESPN, as well as hobby publications like Tuff Stuff and the Upper Deck Blog. You can contact Gellman at gellmana@gmail.com with any questions about the content of this site or general hobby info.

SCU is also on Twitter at @SCUncensored and on Facebook through the icon at the top of the page.

5 thoughts on “About Sports Cards Uncensored

  1. Please check out BO under Basketball talk.
    Please do a review of the Black Box Elite from Panini…
    PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT IT SUCKS EVEN WORSE THEN GOLD STANDARD.. (even some of the same exact cards but in black… sad)
    Thanks man!

  2. Gellman, thank you for posting great information regarding collecting sports cards. I mainly collect pro football autographs. I too love the Topps Five Star, for their hard signed cards. Having your site has taught me a lot about collecting and what to look out for. Because of your site, I only collect hard signed cards now.

    Thanks again,


  3. The for this site and the daily news, reviews and updates. It helps.

  4. I really love this site. You tell it like it is, Seems most other sites and breakers are too scared of backlash from the major sports card companies to ever give an honest critique of a shit product, This site is my go to site for info. You also make me laugh at least once per article. Keep letting the collectors know the real deal. Really appreciate your non-biased opinions,

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