Adrian Peterson’s Success Leads To More Fake Rookie Premiere Autos

As you can imagine, I am in heaven the way Adrian Peterson has been playing as of late.

Not only do I have a lot invested in his success as my favorite player, but I am pretty convinced I know his autograph better than PSA or JSA. So much so that I have caught fakes they have authenticated as real. Not only is that a bad situation, but it only becomes more of a detriment now that his autograph is becoming more popular than it already was.

The worst card you can buy of Adrian Peterson is his 2007 Topps Rookie Premiere autograph. The reason being, back during the 2007 rookie premiere, Topps either brought a ton of extra cards for the players to sign and never destroyed the unused ones, or a certain hobby villain went to the printer that did the overnight job and had them run some extras for him. As a result, HUNDREDS of fake autographs of all the rookies who attended the premiere have shown up on eBay, ESPECIALLY Peterson, and also Johnson and Lynch.

This ultimately led Beckett to stop grading these cards, and has led to my personal war against the purveyors of the ones I know to be fake. Thanks to the fight put up by a number of sources, Topps has started to serially number their RP auto cards. Some of the fakes had gotten so good, that its easy to see why people would be fooled. Lucky for me, I know better, and I also want to help all of you. I own a real copy, and there arent many. So my advice is to not waste your time on these. Just stay away.

For reference, these are all real. They also go for considerably more money because people who know authenticity bid on them:

Real Adrian Peterson 2007 Rookie Premiere Auto – Prime Example

Real Adrian Peterson 2007 Rookie Premiere Auto

Real Adrian Peterson 2007 Rookie Premiere Auto – Example 2

Real Adrian Peterson 2007 Rookie Premiere Auto – Example 3

If you must buy, here are the different fakes that are out there, and they all look like one of these:

Fake RP Auto Version 1 – 5 year old with a crayon type. Peterson’s auto has the wrong marker thickness, wrong letter slant and wrong start and stop point.

Fake Version 1

Fake Version 1 – example two

Fake RP auto version 2 – getting better! Pen thickness is more correct, but letter slant and shape is still incorrect.

Fake Version 2

Fake Version 2 – example two

Fake RP auto version 3 – Still wrong. Pen thickness is off again, but letter shape is more correct. Slant is incorrect.

Fake Version 3

Again, let me stress, its better to avoid these cards all together. It is not a good idea to bid on them if you dont know real from fake 100%. You can always email me if you would like per the link above.

25 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson’s Success Leads To More Fake Rookie Premiere Autos

  1. You cover this topic better than anyone. I must say your article on fakes have really taught me a lot over the yrs on how to buy collectables.

  2. As others have said already, great article and coverage of the rookie premiere autos that are out of control on ebay. As per Scott’s question on the larger stickers, I still hate panini’s basketball cards and the bigger stickers don’t make the cards any better. We need upper deck to make nba cards again.

  3. Bigger stickers seem to equal bigger white boxes, ugh and worse yet huge swatches of useless jersey. I love reading the comment on Knight’s Lance. Some people out there really eat this stuff up.

  4. Can you check this one and see if it’s real? It says its certified on the back…


  5. Fake – matches one of the examples above. This is why I put the guide up – they are easy to match.

  6. sorry just wondering if this is a fake because I can’t tell it is, I just saw the Topps hologram and assume it is real, thank you.

  7. Fake – dude, it went for 99 bucks, do you think its real?

    The real ones go for close to 300.

    Matches one of the types above, too.

  8. thank you…just thought got a deal because of the hologram…..dang

  9. Hello, I am a huge Doug Martin fan and have pulled an auto directly from a pack but when I use it to compare autographs on other cards such as these

    The D in his name seems to be off, it is normally VERY crisp, but here its not complete or squiggly. Do you think this is just because he was sighing a lot of cards and getting sloppy or a fake card?

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  11. I have a Peterson / Johnson Red Ink on eBay for auction. I traded a Peyton Manning signed 6 of 10 card last summer. The dealer told me that he pulled it from a box that he opened. I was not aware of fakes out there and trust him 100% that he is honest. Can you look at my pics on eBay and provide feedback. There is one of the watchers that is second guessing bidding on the card.


  12. Need a link, but I would literally be shocked if it was real.

    Compare against the examples in this article, and it should be easy to tell. If you give me a link, ill give you the answer though.

  13. Fake, sorry.

    Again, look at the fake examples I provided, this one matches exactly.

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  15. Real or Fake? I know you left the key but its not easy for me to tell..Can you tell me what you think? Thanks a lot, Brad
    Ebay item # 311349863522

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