Annnnd The Winner Is: Topps Five Star Box and More!

Over the last 10 days, I have been soliciting stories of your favorite Topps football card, with the incentive of being entered into a random drawing for a box of the recent Five Star release as the prize. Well, the time has come to announce the winner, and after reading the entry that I drew, it’s a fitting winner:


Here is his entry:

My favorite topps card has to be my Topps Jerry Rice RC for a number of reasons. When I was younger, my dad was the one who got me into collecting. We went to card shows every few weeks and he taught me the value of buying your favorite players and collecting one guy. Living in San Fransisco, obviously, I wanted to collect Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, and that was the one card I wanted to own. I saved up my allowance for months on end, just to buy the one they had at the local shop, and eventually I had enough money. When I got to the store, the card was gone, sold a few weeks earlier. I was devastated. Because this was the days before eBay, it was tough to find another one at a price I could afford. When my birthday rolled around a few months later, I opened all my presents with the hopes of beefing up my growing collection. When my dad came into the room with one last wrapped gift, I was shocked to see the rice card when I unwrapped it. fifteen years later, I still have it and will never sell it.

Jeff, to claim your prize, please email me from the email address attatched to this comment, include your address and I will get the box out to you today. Be sure to send us the results of the box, I cant wait to see what you pull.

I have to thank Topps for this great opportunity, hopefully we can offer more giveaways like this in the future!

As a secondary part of this amazing giveaway, I want to highlight a couple of other entries that will each win a paypal gift of 15 dollars! These two entries were pretty much the exact reason why a lot of us collect, as we all have that one time or that one person that got us started. Email me from the addresses attached to the comments, and let me know where to send your gift!

First Winner – Brandon Atkins:

My favorite Topps card that I own is the 1991 Topps Super Rookie Emmitt Smith card. The card is not valuable on the secondary market and my original copy of this card is in extremely rough shape. However, it was in the first box of sports cards I ever opened that my Grandma gave me as a birthday gift and he was/is my favorite athlete. That box got me hooked on sports cards and I’m still an “addict” today.

Second Winner – Dustin Abernathy

My favorite all time is my 1984 Topps Eric Dickerson Rookie. I can remember having my mom take me to a local card shop that had old wax packs for sale. I bought two 84 packs and low and behold the very last card of the second pack was a Dickerson Rookie. Growing up Rams 4 life, Dickerson was our only offense and a beautiful runner. Thanks to Topps and SCU for this giveaway.

Thanks to all that entered, check back for all sorts of awesome stuff coming this month!

4 thoughts on “Annnnd The Winner Is: Topps Five Star Box and More!

  1. Congratulations winners and thanks for the contest Adam and Topps(The Undisputed king of Football).

  2. Thanks again for the contest. I’m disappointed I didn’t win of course but it was fun to check back every day for the drawing. Keep em coming!

  3. This freakin awesome contest and there are only two comments?!?! Come on lurkers! The guy even gave away personal paypal! Thank the man…

  4. NEW RULE – If you win a free box of Five Star by simply posting what your favorite card is, and then DON”T POST A REACTION ONCE FINDING OUT YOU WON, you forfeit the prize.

    WTF Jeff?!?!? You just won a $500 box of cards! What say you?? /crickets

    I am going to put odds on us EVER knowing, much less seeing, what this box contained at about 200 to 1.

    Gellman, you know how I feel about you and your contests. I don’t feel the need to write you a love song.

    Side note, if I had won it, I would have kept one card and sold the rest. Then I would have bought National Treasures. Seriously, have you seen that stuff? Total. Bad. Ass.

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