ATL Sports Cards Presents SCU Breaks: 3 Boxes Plates and Patches


Its been a while since we have had a group break on the site, and I chalk that up to the lack of group break accessible products that have been released. Well, with the release of Panini Plates and Patches, we have a unique opportunity to break a higher end product that has lots of hits for this type of situation. Although I dont think the product is everything it can be, it lends itself well to us splitting up the cards, and that is where Atlanta Sports Cards is going to help us out. Josh over at ATL has given a great price on three boxes, here is how it is going to work.

I WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THIS BREAK, which means there will be 16 open slots that are composed of two RANDOM teams determined by and posted on Youtube. Each slot will cost 27 dollars, and that will include every card from the two teams you are assigned, supplies, paypal costs and shipping.  For example, if you are randomly assigned the Packers and the Steelers, and we pull an Aaron Rodgers autograph, you will be sent that card in your package. On the other hand, if we dont pull any Packers or Steelers, thems the breaks.

To reserve your slot, send your paypal payment to This break is only available to US residents and you must pay before I list you as a participant. Once I receive payment, I will add your name below, and that is all you need to do.  These fill up quickly, be sure to get your payment in as soon as you can.

Here is a link to the product info page on Atlanta Sports Cards’ site.


1. Scott K (PAID)

2. Jeremy A (PAID)

3. Russ T (PAID)

4. Russ T (PAID)

5. Steve O (PAID)

6. Steve O (PAID)

7. Clay B (PAID)

8. Ethan M (PAID)

9. Josh B (PAID)

10. Jason R (PAID)

11. Justin J(PAID)

12. Jesse S (PAID)

13. Mario Z (PAID)

14. Robert D(PAID)

15. Brock M(PAID)

16. Mitch P (PAID)

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  1. All cards have gone out, please shoot me an email with your address so I can check into your shipment. THanks!

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