Awesome and Affordable Andrew Luck and RGIII Autos Are Not Hard to Find

Every year, there are a bunch of rookies that come into the NFL and immediately start blowing it up. Rarely, does the hype match the production on the field, but both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have lived up to it an then some. RGIII has become the first rookie QB to make the original rosters of a pro bowl since Dan Marino, and it doesnt look like he is going to stop any time soon. Luck has only gone on to set the rookie record for passing yards in a season.

The issue with both of these guys is that their autographs are ridiculously expensive, if not only because every collector wants to own one. They are the biggest prospects to come out of the draft since 2006, if not ever, but they still have affordable autos that are ridiculously awesome. Even though there are only a handful of licensed autos out there for under 100 bucks, many of these cards are less than, or relatively equal to the price of a box. Here is your guide.

2012 Topps Inception /150

For the price of admission, you get a really cool looking card, hard signed autograph, and a picture of RGIII in action. I think that Inception was quite underrated, especially when you see how tough it is to pull a top auto. Id be all over this one.

2012 Topps Inception Andrew Luck Auto /150

2012 Topps Inception Robert Griffin III Auto /150

2012 Panini Prime Signatures

This set is a bit more expensive, but still as nice looking as Inception. Its a simple card that offers a hard signed signature, great picture, and a very underused white dominated design. I love these cards and think that like the aforementioned auto, this has elements you usually dont see for a price this cheap.

2012 Panini Prime Signatures Robert Griffin III Auto

2012 Panini Prime Signatures Andrew Luck Auto /149

2012 Panini Prestige

I love this year’s prestige design. So much so that I think that it should end up being one of the better Panini cards of the year. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. Prestige is almost always a disaster, and yet here we are. This card, though it is a sticker, is nicely put together with the way it looks. I would buy this one before buying any of the hideous recent releases from other Panini sets.

2012 Panini Prestige Andrew Luck Auto

2012 Panini Prestige Robert Griffin III Auto /299

2012 Topps Prime /260

Most of the year, Topps’ cards have been severely SPed, which means they go for a ton. This is one of the only high numbered RGIII/Luck Topps autos, and it can be had for next to nothing. Its an action shot – full bleed, and has a complete picture of the player instead of cutting them off at the knees. I love this design and own the RGIII one /99.

2012 Topps Prime Andrew Luck Auto /260

2012 Topps Prime Robert Griffin III Auto /260

2012 Topps Continuity Program

You might be asking yourself what the hell I am talking about, but these cards are some of the best airbrushed cards ever done. They look tremendous, have a great border, and a hard signed auto. They are cheaper than normal cards because many collectors dont know what they are. I can tell you that they are inserted across many of the Topps’ brands and should continue through the year. These are incredibly rare autos for what they are, and you can still get them for cheap.

2012 Topps Continuity Program Andrew Luck Auto

2012 Topps Continuity Program Robert Griffin III Auto

As we move onto Contenders, Five Star, National Treasures and Supreme, the big hits are only going to get more and more expensive. Sometimes, its better to explore the cards that collectors have forgotten, as they offer value unlike what is currently sitting on shelves.

One thought on “Awesome and Affordable Andrew Luck and RGIII Autos Are Not Hard to Find

  1. I really can’t believe how bandwagon you are on these two guys. I’ll wait till one or both has their sophomore slump, has a big injury, and/or the newest rookie crop overshadows them, to buy any of their autographs. As you always say, no sense in buying in on the penthouse level.

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