Beware Fake Sticker Autos

I have discussed problems with the use of sticker autos many times before, and the particular problem stemming from affixing fake stickers to cards is not new. For a period of about 3 months last year, eBay was flooded with sticker autographs that had been stuck to cards that werent meant to be autos. In most cases, the autographs were so blatantly fake that it was laughable, however, some still garnered very high bids. It went away after this site and a few others, along with the message boards, posted numerous accounts of how easy it was to create.

Im not going to go into how to do it, but basically, cheap auto stickers are wiped, peeled off the original cards, re-signed and affixed to better cards. Chrome was a favorite target because the base rookie auto cards have few differences from the actual legit signed ones. Well, at least one seller has found out what to do and is bringing these cards back.

Here is the example Adrian Peterson that was just pulled from the block.  For your reference, here is a legit autographed 2007 Peterson Bowman Chrome. You know this isnt the auto version of the card because it doesn’t have the line above the sticker auto where the brightness of the photo changes to accommodate the signature. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even see the peel marks on the bottom right hand corner where he took it off the other card.

Guys, just because a sticker is on a card, doesn’t mean it is real. Keep in mind that if there is money to be made in any part of this industry, someone will find a way to take advantage of it.

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