Big Cards in 2013 National Treasures Hit the Block

I am a big fan of National Treasures this year, and I am very excited to be able to pick up some of the nicer singles that are now starting to hit. As I was discussing with a friend today, there is one big issue with all the high end products this year. Its close to impossible to come out ahead even if you pull a nice card. Without a top rookie class, high end doesnt work well in the NFL.

The top rookie card in the product just hit ebay, and as you can see, the seller is trying to list like its 2012:

2013 National Treasures Eddie Lacy Auto NFL Logo 1/1

That being said, its hard to justify buying a 450 dollar box of cards when you cant even come out ahead when you pull the best of the best. With Five Star coming out in a couple of weeks, it makes me legitimately worried how few people will buy knowing that fact.

Look at these big hits and the BIN prices. They will take less, which only makes the sting worse. You can get the best players in the NFL on card for less than the price of a box. Why waste your time ripping through cases?

2013 National Treasures John Elway Colossal Auto Relic On Card

2013 National Treasures Jerry Rice Auto Relic On Card

2013 National Treasures Brett Favre Auto Jumbo Patch 1/1

2013 National Treasures Richard Sherman Auto 2/10

Here is the wild card. With group breakers continuing to open NT and the like, the singles buyers like myself may catch a break. Collectors can still buy in for a whole case and not get their ass handed to them, and that is a huge plus to this format. Get nothing? Only out 60 bucks instead of 1500. That’s a bargain.

Look, there are still people that love the thrill of opening product. I sure do. That will always be a draw. But this is the place to start gambling if you arent someone that has the money to spare.

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